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William Hill Bingo Advertisement Banned in UK

The British Advertising Standards Authority has marked a William Hill Bingo ad as breaching the 2005 Gambling Act’s regulations. By having their television spot labeled as socially irresponsible William Hill has put itself into a position of bad publicity. The legislature established in past years has defined a series of criteria which gaming companies must adhere to in their marketing campaigns and the company has been deemed to have broken them in their most recent media offering.

UK television has recently been running the commercial in question but probably won’t be for much longer given the ASA’s verdict. The advertisement in question shows a woman anxiously waiting for her husband to leave for work and setting the clock ahead so she can rush to the computer and play William Hill online bingo. The Advertising Standards Authority has determined that such a depiction represents addictive gambling patterns where internet bingo play has to be hidden within a relationship.

William Hill countered by defending their work as nothing more than a funny play on a woman wanting to be left alone to enjoy herself the ASA doesn’t find the reply satisfactory. The legal body maintained that the advertisement was dangerous and could appeal in some way to addictive tendencies in many viewers.