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William Hill Bingo Gives Away a Free Car a Day

William Hill Bingo, a leading online bingo network, has just announced a spectacular new promotion that looks to give away a new car every day of the month. The Win-a-Car-a-Day promo has already begun and rewards participating players with a chance to win one of the 31 cars on offer.

Throughout the entire month of October, Will Hill Bingo members can compete for their chance to take home a brand new car — a Fiat 500. Players can play for the car through online qualifiers and regular games taking place from now until the end of the month. As part of its massive, month-long promotion, William Hill also commissioned a survey (presented by journalist Kate Thornton) that looks at different opinions on luck throughout the United Kingdom. The study broke British attitudes toward luck down by region, discovering whether the population believed in the existence of luck in Scotland (only 29 percent), Northern Ireland (62.5 percent), Wales (55.3 percent), London (54.2 percent) and eastern England (52.5 percent). Overall, 69 percent of the UK population believed in the existence of luck.

The Win-a-Car-a-Day promotion is sure to drum up plenty of activity at William Hill Bingo throughout October, regardless of regional beliefs in luck. William Hill’s Anna Conley stated that the company is “looking forward to the Win-a-Car-a-Day promotion”, calling it “our biggest ever bingo promotion.”