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New Business Agreement Brings Passoker to William Hill

The popular betting game, Passoker has enjoyed immense popularity since its fairly recent launch, becoming a favourite of many players. Now, with the signing of a business agreement between William Hill and the game’s developers, it’s set to be discovered by an even larger audience.

William Hill signed on with Stuart Carr and the Passoker developers in order to gain access to the game for use at its site. Joining the ranks of online gaming networks like Victor Chandler and Jenning’s Bet, Will Hill will soon offer its own take on the versatile betting game. The game of Passoker is still fairly young, having been released for the first time in late 2012 through It was created by a team including English football player Viv Anderson and was designed to provide players with a chance-based, in-play betting game able to adapt to various sporting themes. Ten competitors sit at tables and place bets on sports events like tennis aces or double faults, football free kicks or goals and more.

William Hill members can expect to see Passoker arriving at their site of choice beginning in early February of this year. William Hill Online’s Chief Operating Officer, Jim Mullen, released a statement that stated how Passoker will “bring much added value to William Hill, [giving] our customers more opportunities to bet in a number of new and interesting ways.”