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Canadian Man Wins $1,000,000 at 888.Com

888.Com’s World Poker Crown Poker tournament came to a grand close with Toronto, Ontario native, Jack Hinchley winning the live final table in Spain. After taking out over two thousand online competitors, Hinchley played against two other Canadians at the finals and defeated Michael Lawson to take home the title.

The final round saw the two competitors square off after Lawson had been slowly wearing down his opponent by betting hard against his chip lead. Hinchley won the last hand after Lawson saw the K-J-6, all hearts flop and went all in with his
ten-high flush to be defeated by the winner’s top pair call and king. He revealed after the game that his strategy involved keeping constant pressure on the other competitors and it paid off extraordinarily even though some of the play involved substantial bravado considering the huge risks.

The (now) former plumber announced plans to hand in his notice of resignation after receiving his
million dollar prize and commented that he wishes to finance his granddaughter, Victoria’s university education with part of the winnings. It is fitting that Hinchley kept her picture with him during rough hands at the table and that his good luck charm paid off in such a fitting manner.