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Sky Vegas Offers - £150 Welcome Bonus

Sky Vegas £100 Welcome Bonus

We are working very closely with Sky Vegas Casino now and we are happy to bring you their latest £150 welcome bonus offer when you sign up through

Sky Vegas are an amazing online brand that is part of the
Sky Media Group and is a very trusted UK brand.

Please take a moment to try Sky Vegas as we know you will not be disappointed.

Ladbrokes Casino Provides Special Offer

Ladbrokes Casino Provides Special Offer

In celebration of the launch of a brand new television advertisement the immensely popular UK gaming site, Ladbrokes Casino, has decided to share a bit of the excitement with potential members through a special introductory promotion.

The offer entails an entirely
free £25 bonus to help brand new users to get a taste of the action at the virtual casino. There is no required deposit and the complementary money is automatically entered into new accounts as soon as the sign-up process is completed. Coupled with a fresh television advertisement promoting the site, Ladbrokes Casino seems to be aiming to pull in new visitors to take a spin on the network’s wide range of excellent games and services. The promotion also acts as a great way to provide incentive for existing members of Ladbrokes Poker or Bingo to sign up at the casino and branch out their gaming time at the sister site.

Ladbrokes Casino launched the special offer last Friday, April 17
th and hasn’t announced plans for the end of its promotion as of yet, a sign that may mean the generous bonus will stick around for some time to come. With more and more online gaming options popping up as competition all the time, Ladbrokes may have hit on a great way to distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack with the special £25 offer.

Rally to Win £50,000 at the Paddy Casino

Paddy Casino

Rally to Win £50,000!

Thursday 21st May - Saturday 30th May

Play any of the Paddy Casino 130+ games on either Instant or Download Casino and every stake you make will contribute to your overall tally!

Everyone's in with a chance to win some hard cash prizes:

Be the highest cumulative staker to win £20,000
Be in the top 2-20 players to win the remaining £30,000
Earn double stake points
Win £1,000 during bonus cash prize days
Be the biggest daily loser and win £1,000
Be the player with the most single bets (of any amount!) to win a trip to Monte Carlo!

What are you waiting for...?

Paddy Casino

Bodog Casino Plans Baccarat Tournament

One of the most popular online casinos in the industry, Bodog Casino, has decided to launch a massive baccarat tournament. The decision to embrace the often marginalized game is part of the service’s effort to bring baccarat back to its glory days as one of the most popular casino games.

Bodog Casino will soon be launching their
baccarat contest, an event that is planned to constitute an entire month of incentive packed gaming. The contest will reward over $3,000 in cash prizes throughout its four week duration and hopefully encourage many new baccarat fans. Bodog Casino will host a leaderboard which tracks the most active baccarat players from each seven days. The top five spaces of each week receive $100 and the end of the month will reward $1,000 to the highest placing players. This ranking system encourages frequent play no matter your skill level and is an intelligent method of getting new fans on board with a game that held so many fans before the ascendency of online poker.

The game is quick to learn but difficult to master, making it an ideal choice for Bodog Casino’s latest offering. Whether you’re a complete novice or an old hand at baccarat, Bodog Casino’s promotion of the game provides a great place to dive into the beloved pastime while competing toward one of the financial rewards.

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Online Bingo Becomes Serious Contender for the Title of Top Internet Game

A recent traffic report from Google has finally called poker’s place as the top online gambling game into question. The statistics demonstrate a failing internet poker revenue stream while virtual bingo continues to increase in popularity despite a troubled economy which is affecting nearly every other business sector.

Online Poker remained the most successful online gaming choice (with massive profits and steady traffic) through until near the end of 2008’s first quarter and has only begun to fall from its once untouchable position in recent time. Internet bingo has always been a serious competitor within the gaming market but the past few months have seen the pastime almost entirely supplanting poker within the gambling world. Commentators suggest that the massive push from bingo advertisers (via popular television show spots, Google advertisement, radio and giant publicity events) may be responsible for raising mainstream awareness of the game and thus tapping into demographic markets who may have been slow to transfer their playtime to the computer.

The popularity of
bingo, especially in the United Kingdom, seems in no danger of slowing down as associated gaming corporations are rewarded with steady business profits but the future of smaller online poker services may be uncertain. With the percentage of remote gamers constantly on the rise in Britain and the closing of brick-and-mortar bingo halls forcing fans toward new methods of play, the increasing success of online bingo should continue for some time.

Littlewoods Improvements Come as 888.Com Partners with Sportech

Both the poker and casino versions of Littlewoods are set for major improvements as the partnership between Sportech and 888.Com has been recently focused on this branch of their overall network. Players can expect an overhaul of existing services so that several improvements can be implemented toward better service and gaming.

Sportech has been working on massive redesigns of Littlewoods Poker and Casino after acquiring business with these sites through their partnership with 888.Com. Now fans of the Littlewoods brand are set to receive some pretty great rewards for their patronage. Along with new gaming options, further bonuses and rewards are being planned with the backing of 888 providing additional funding. Travel packages to various locales, more substantial sign-up/referral bonuses and an increase in tournament offerings are all expected to go online at Littlewoods as soon as work is complete. New VIP incentives have also been discussed in press releases which seek to reward faithful players with exclusive gaming and event opportunities.

This is great news for Littlewoods fans and is sure to attract new traffic to both the casino and poker iterations of their service. Sportech is renowned for their expertise in software development and fan following. Their involvement with 888.Com and Littlewoods is bound to create a lot of positive attention for both companies involved in the work.

PartyGaming and Cryptologic Ready Six New Gaming Titles for Future Release

Noted software developer, Cryptologic and premier online casino, PartyGaming have recently formed a partnership which will soon see new gaming titles released for users to experience. Both companies stand to enjoy immense benefits from their venture while giving something new to devotees of the PartyGaming platform.

Chief Executive Officer for PartyGaming, Jim Ryan spoke to press regarding the deal with Cryptologic and expressed delight that his company would soon be able to benefit from a business relationship with such a well-known, reputable developer. The five-year licensing agreement signed by both parties is set to see six new games released in the near future. Although details haven’t yet been released as to which software titles have been purchased (and where they will end up on the PartyGaming network), the news is still exciting when viewed as a sign of things to come through the high-profile partnership.

The development of six new casino titles is just the tip of the iceberg for PartyGaming as well. Cryptologic’s deal with the network promises to yield even more quality titles for fans to play as time goes on which should assist in keeping the network relevant and exciting within the competitive industry. Considering the recent losses in business for Cryptologic, the high-profile nature of these changes could end up breathing some new life into their company.

770.Com Announces the Release of New Versions for Software

One of the most popular online gambling businesses, 770 has announced the release of new versions of games from their poker and casino offerings. 770 are hoping to accelerate interest in their site while simultaneously providing some new entertainment and fresh experiences for existing users of their client.

Immediately obvious changes to 770 Poker and 770 Casino involve a more immediate, “click-and-play” style of interface designed to make getting into any kind of game quicker and more convenient. Access to community forums, tutorials, blogs, support staff or promotional information is now available from any point of the page which means that navigating away from a game for any other business is now easier than ever. Visual designs have also been revamped in order to breathe a bit of new life into the service and give faithful players a nice change of pace. With the release of new software, 770 Poker and Casino are set to receive a duly earned influx of traffic which should aid in giving the company even more prestige within the industry.

There is no word yet on whether the last remaining 770 offshoot, Arcades 770 will receive similar treatment as the poker and casino clients have but it seems likely that we’ll hear an announcement regarding this soon. The new software is online now and ready for users to take a spin on so check it out today and see what you think.

PartyCasino Renovates Site with Live Dealers and More

Premier online gaming site, PartyCasino has released new information regarding the imminent redesign and additional features planned for implementation onto their service. Through a partnership with noted software developer, EvolutionGaming, PartyCasino is set to attract a lot of attention with their fun and innovative new ideas and software.

Among the changes being readied for the PartyCasino platform, perhaps most exciting is the announcement of live dealer options at the majority of table games. Roulette, blackjack and baccarat are all planned to receive updates from this aspect of the revamp. Players will now be able to see cards shuffled, wheels spun and much more when EvolutionGaming finishes work on these games. The company is hoping that a concentration on live gaming aspects will delight old fans while drawing new gamblers at the same time. Being able to call bets in real time or simply watching virtual dealers move a game along should entice a lot of online casino devotees looking for a more colourful experience than what is currently being offered by larger gambling networks.

Jim Ryan, chief executive of PartyGaming (PartyCasino’s owner) told press that the site would still concentrate on increasing the number of movie-themed slot games along with other old favourites from the client but that the live dealer changes would be the most striking difference for PartyCasino visitors. The redesign is set to go live in a short while so those interested in these features should check out the casino’s updates soon.

VivaMacau Launches New Gambling Tutorials and Strategies

Popular online casino, VivaMacau has recently shifted interests toward providing a veritable gambling university for fans of the site. A recent increase in tutorials and strategy guides has been widely publicized by the company in an effort to draw further attention to the service.

Over one hundred pages of new content were added to the site in the past few days, part of a larger business plan enacted by VivaMacau owners. Guides are available for more than fifty games, including baccarat, roulette, blackjack, craps, poker and more. Mong Ha Media, the Costa Rica-based owners of VivaMacau maintain that they have intended this approach every since the sites inception. True enough toward supporting this statement it's worth noting that VivaMacau has always offered a healthy number of free games and help for the uninitiated. Now, the tutorials will accompany the ability to play no-cost games without even having to download or register.

Sam Casteel, Public Relations Director for Mong Ha Media spoke to press regarding the decision to incorporate such a large number of guides. He stated that one of the primary goals of VivaMacau will be to foster novice and intermediate gamblers into great ones through plenty of instruction and practice. Anyone interested in this approach should check out the site and see what they think.

Cryptologic Expand Service to Russian Gaming Sites

Cryptologic has established themselves as perhaps the best software development company currently working in online gaming and, with their decisions to branch out to Russian sites, they’re set to expand on their reputation even further. A partnership with one of the region’s most prominent gambling companies will soon see the developers creating gaming platforms for a large majority of the immense financial market in the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Through a deal with Russian online gambling platform, Kurastica, Cryptologic is about to embark on a business opportunity which should see their name and software become familiar to millions of potential new fans. The agreement has promised Cryptologic exclusive licensing for Kurastica and should see better virtual casinos, poker rooms and further options spreading through Eastern Europe in the near future. Both companies told press that they were excited about the multi-million dollar business agreement. Cryptologic’s CEO and President, Brian Hadfield remarked that they were thrilled to begin to offer work for Kurastica and the population of the CIS in Russia.

Kurastica will begin to release live implementations of Cryptologic’s software beginning in the first quarter of next year. The network has a vast penetration within the area, owning gaming franchises which extend into countries including Armenia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Georgia. A rapidly growing internet economy coupled with such a high population should see the deal result in enormous success for both of the companies involved.

Microgaming Unveil Three New Casino Software Titles

Premier software developers, Microgaming have recently announced three new titles set for future release. The company has long been producing some of the best casino programs currently running and this news means that players will ultimately see the arrival of some brand new, exciting ways to gamble online.

The first of the new titles is the next edition of the company’s “Multi-Level Poker” series and is a “Deuces Wild Level-Up Poker” video poker game. This program will allow players much larger multipliers along with a more engaging system of climbing levels and taking risks for large payouts. “First Past the Post” is a horse-racing themed, five reel and twenty-five payline video slot machine which pays out through betting on specific colours or suits. The last of the completed games is entitled “Sir Winsalot” and is a medieval take on video slots (with the same reel and line specifications as “First Past the Post&rdquoWinking. It uses bonus rounds and icons in addition to regular slot play.

Online casino players should expect to see these new titles popping up in Microgaming-based sites soon. Given the company’s track-record it won’t be surprising if the trio of games become immensely popular soon however. The Isle of Man based programming team has firmly established themselves as an on-demand firm and these titles should be no different.

Peterborough Woman Hits Second Jackpot at Online Casino

Some people have all the luck it seems. Case in point; a Peterborough woman has made headlines by winning her second jackpot in two months from popular internet casino, William Hill. Her total winnings have turned the player into one of the most successful gamblers within such a short period of time.

The woman, Sophie M, has now won almost £200,000 in total from the site by way of a nearly unbelievable streak of good luck. Sophie first won £102, 000 through the Pharaoh’s Treasure slots at William Hill last month and has now added to her bank account again with an additional £84, 978 at the Gold Rush Showdown slots. She qualified for a bonus round and played the game to completion whereupon the extra eighty thousand was awarded. The lucky gamer was apparently in disbelief and stated that she and her husband had to wake up the next day and confirm the win before believing that it wasn’t all a dream.

Jennie Prest, a spokesperson for William Hill commented that this was the first double-win in the company’s Vegas site history. Sophie M told press that she was incredibly shocked after her repeated good fortune and planned to use the money to finish paying her house’s mortgage then save the rest for her children’s future.

$168,947 Progressive Jackpot Won by MRSSMITHS Slotland Player

An impressive $168,947 progressive jackpot was finally hit by a lucky Slotland player yesterday after going unclaimed for far longer than usual. The prize had been steadily accumulating for more than a month with large numbers of hopeful players adding to the fund with every day’s action.

Slotland’s progressive jackpot usually runs for about six weeks, averaging a roughly $100,000 payout which makes the player who logged in as “MRSSMITHS” luckier than most. The user won the prize through the website’s Booster slot machine and managed to take the steadily growing jackpot. Slotland’s Martin Smith reported that the company was keeping a watchful eye on the money and couldn’t believe that it still continued to go unclaimed after passing the $100,000 mark. Booster is one of the more popular progressive slot machines available at the site and sees a large number of players flocking to it every day.

MRSSMITHS’s success makes them one of the top winners at Slotland’s progressive jackpots. The largest prize ever issued from the online casino was won by a Canadian man at a staggering $195,083 through the Treasure Box virtual slot machine. The second largest win was a $179, 166 cash-out won by a player at the Golden 8 slots in May of last year.

CircusCasino.Com Announces Second Chance Poker Classic

Enormous UK business presence, Genting Stanley recently launched their very own online casino service via CircusCasino.Com and to show that they mean to differentiate themselves from the pack they’ve launched a series of innovative tournaments. CircusCasino and a series of land-based venues are working in conjunction to give players two tries at an enormous tournament through a method never yet explored in the industry.

The Second Chance Poker Classic is set to give devotees of Genting’s physical casinos an additional shot at qualifying for the upcoming $200,000 guaranteed Poker Classic tournament. Casinos that fall within the forty applicable options (Maxims, Mint and Circus franchises among them) are offering players who fail to make it during this week’s poker tournaments another chance via the internet. Even by missing the mark for the November event at a Genting casino, the company is allowing additional qualifying rounds at their website in a move that is guaranteed to drum up traffic and increase support for the still-new online service.

CircusCasino may be a young player in the fiercely competitive business of online gambling but with the strength and intelligent business strategies of Genting Stanley on hand it’s becoming clear that they’re ready to make an unique mark in the industry. Poker fans that play this week and end up qualifying for the Second Chance Poker Classic should check out the site today and prepare for their next attempt.

Golden Tiger Casino Promotes Through International CD Distribution

Although Golden Tiger is a relatively new online casino they have managed to achieve considerable success due to aggressive marketing and a solid platform. With the announcement of promotional CDs to be distributed internationally the company seems to be in no danger of slowing down their work and attracting an even wider fan base.

Golden Tiger’s plan is a simple one that may end up working wonders for the company in the long run. By releasing complementary CDs throughout an international market the online casino is hoping to attract enough attention to bulk up their business clientele and user traffic. The strategy is a solid one and is being touted as the largest-scale advertising campaign yet by an online casino. Golden Tiger’s promotional CDs will come in three different varieties and each one holds a different monetary bonus value for recipients. Gold discs will offer $1,500, blue award $500 and silver provide $10 in free play toward getting started in gambling at Golden Tiger.

Of course getting visitors to try out a new site is only one aspect of successful business but the bonus codes and great gameplay variety should be enough to keep new players coming back. It’s certainly an ambitious plan and may be enough to propel
Golden Tiger into the upper echelon of online casinos currently operating in the business.

Bodog Casino Rewards Lucky Slots Player $200,000 Prize

Howard G., a fifty-five year old Houston, Texas resident had a fantastic surprise when logging on to play ‘Victory’ slots at Bodog Casino recently. To his complete surprise the machine spun out the right combination to reward Howard a massive jackpot within seconds and drastically bulk up his wallet.

Victory slots came up as four ‘captains’ and a ‘ship’ after the reels stopped spinning which put Howard into a state of disbelief. Bodog’s slots reward the ship icon on this machine as a wildcard which automatically paid out the $5 per line bet ten thousand credits. Although $50,000 probably would have been enough to make the Texan’s day he was also lucky enough to win on a free spin which turned his ship into four-times its worth and then paid out the $200,000 total prize. It’s a fairly impressive payout considering that the Victory slots at hand weren’t even one of the ‘hotter’ progressive jackpots and that it was complete fortune which provided the enormous sum.

Bodog Casino is well known for being one of the best online venues available and for Howard G. their reputation certainly proved itself true. Several other devotees of the service have had enough luck to cash in on progressive jackpots and set payouts in recent months with Howard being only the most recent to strike it rich.

Slotland and Winaday.Com Launch Fully 3D, Real Money Casino

Months ago, designers at Slotland created a fully three-dimensional and immensely interactive casino software engine but only now has the platform seen full implementation as it opens up to real money gambling.

The announcement of
Winaday.Com’s offering of the Slotland software for play and real-money gaming may inevitably set a new standard for all competing e-casinos. Slotland has created a service which is leaps and bounds ahead of almost every other site in the business and gamblers should be pleased to see the striking innovations at play here. Users are able to navigate a casino and play a large variety of fully developed games which all feature engrossing sound and visuals. This level of immersion is only furthered by animated customer service attendants and dealers. Small touches and a staggering level of detail are set to make Winaday.Com a fantastic choice for casino users who want a closer approximation to brick and mortar venues than what the market currently offers.

Winaday.Com already hosts a great number of incentives for players to take advantage of and the implementation of Slotland’s 3D technology will only serve to further the foundation of their site. Interested internet casino fans should check the site out today and see a glimpse of what very well could become the future of the industry.

Bodog Send Lucky Pai-Gow Poker Players to Vegas

As a part of Bodog Casino’s promotion of the Pai-Gow poker style those logging on to play the relatively popular game were automatically entered into a draw toward a trip for two to any hotel in the gambling capital of America in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Georgia resident, Vince O. ultimately won the prize and brought a lucky friend, Matt along to the
Wynn Las Vegas for two nights of high-living. Bodog set the two up in style which allowed for swanky accommodations as they enjoyed the town. Vince, a Bodog Casino, Poker and sportsbook player was quick to seek out a baseball game which he had previously placed odds on as his first bet of the trip. Vince spoke to Bodog reporters with warm appreciation for the excellent prize package he randomly won. The Pai-Gow player is a devoted fan of the brand’s gaming network and told the press that he had also previously won a trip to a Palms area Bodog poker party where he met professionals, Daniel Negreanu and Mike Ditka.

As many
online casinos have begun to introduce wide varieties of ‘alternative’ poker styles Bodog’s decision to offer a prize package for Pai-Gow players was designed in order to attract greater attention to the game. With the inclusion of great playing incentives this is already proving to be a great movie for users and the company itself. Launches Comprehensive UK Bingo Site Reviews has established itself as a leading review source for online casino and poker websites and has now announced their entry into the UK bingo forum with added content. Final, cumulative scores will be decided in the near future for a variety of sites along with a wealth of informative content to help users pick the bingo service which works best for them.

The site exists as the longest-running UK
online gambling review service and their addition of bingo can be seen as a long time coming. With the immense (and ever growing) popularity of virtual bingo halls, CasinoChoice has made a wise decision by expanding their reputable service into this field. The review site will soon be hosting scores based on targeted sites performance in the categories of graphics, game variety, playability, quality of promotions/bonuses and payment options as well as respective screen shots. CasinoChoice will also be adding respective screenshots and portal links for users to make their venue choices by as well as detailed write-ups and final scores.

CasinoChoice expands users are set to have a great option for all one-stop reviews and portal bonuses. The company’s reputation stems from their recommendations of only those sites which have proved safe, legal and trustworthy and this alone may be enough of a reason for novice online bingo players to check the new content out.

GPS Global Nears Completion of Innovative New Casino Software

Major, international online casino, GPS Global has discussed the details of their almost complete, revolutionary new gaming software. The company’s development of a live-dealer is set to offer a substantial new concept and system for players and industry observers alike when it launches in the near future.

The information released thus far have detailed
GPS Global’s live-dealer technology which is set to offer online casino player’s further immersion than anything else currently being offered. Live dealer, elimination blackjack is planned to be the first game up for user play and will feature streaming webcam use to bring actual dealers to user’s computers. The idea behind GPS Global’s system is to demonstrate the level of involvement possible outside of traditional, brick and mortar casinos through showcasing technology and customer service at a level capable of bringing dealers right to the player.

Lawrence Davis, Director of Casino Operations at GPS Global has told press that the investment into the live dealer system is part of the company’s larger goal of providing consumers with something new from online casinos. Whether online gambling fans warm to the concept or not will have to be seen but Global’s commitment to innovative business strategies should at least pave the way for further, groundbreaking practices to come.

The History of Craps

We have just released a document on the History of Craps here at

Craps is a very popular Casino game that involves dice, and it goes back a good few years. Craps is also a very popular game at
Online Casinos and we would hope you find our article on the History of Craps useful.

Genting International Readies the Launch of Online Service

The corporation behind the largest physical casino network in the UK, Genting International has finally announced plans to launch an online version of their services in order to stay competitive with fellow industry leaders. Genting’s upcoming CircusCasino is set to shake up the business by a heavily financed and well-managed new entry.

Genting International’s Managing Director, Justin Tan described the move as a strategic one which is no surprise considering that modern casino players are as drawn to their computers as any land-based business. The project will be headed up by Genting Stanley Alderney Ltd. and can be expected to offer a service that many existing fans will find desirable. Combining brand-based trust with storied years of experience in the physical casino industry, Genting International may have a hit on their hands by the time CircusCasino is fully ready for launch. The website directors have stated a dedication toward providing a service which seeks to emulate the fun and excitement of brick-and-mortar casino play from the comfort of home.

An online iteration of their service seemed inevitable and industry observers will be interested to watch exactly how well
Genting manages to make the transition. Considering that the company owns forty-four clubs across Great Britain (including many esteemed brands and upper-class venues) there should be no shortage of finances put toward making CircusCasino a major internet player.

Review of the BetFred Casino

Hot on the heels of the Foxy Bingo review, we are happy to bring you the BetFred Casino Review.

BetFred is a UK based book maker named after its founder,
Fred Done. Fred Done and BetFred has been around the sports betting arena for quite a while and in 2005 BetFred launched their online Casino partnering with Playtech to host the casino software and games.

Feel free to read our
review of BetFred Casino or go straight to BetFred Casino to start playing.

Online Slot Machines are the Newest Gambling Craze in UK

A recent report shows that the devoted fans of online bingo may be moving on to slots as their new favourite Internet pastime. Within the last six months alone an increase of players has blown up to ten times that of the past showing that the online market is in no danger of drying up.

Online casino, demonstrated the rapid increase of this trend through the traffic reports of their immensely popular ‘Clover Rollover’ jackpot slots. The craze has been able to feed into itself with more players flocking to slots and thereby increasing progressive payouts which inevitably ensure a desirable draw. As smoking bans keep certain players out of land-based casinos the growth of the industry as a whole can be expected to keep pace with its ongoing success story. Virtual bingo and poker rooms have been picking up steam for a while now making it seem as if Internet casinos and the always popular slot machines were only waiting for their audience to find them.

Vernons continued research with the findings that their demographic consists of mainly female gamblers (at 62% of the total players) and middle-aged Brits (between thirty-five and fifty). With this trend, jackpots will be sure to continuously skyrocket and attract even more players to online slots.

Dutch Government Still Restricts Gambling in BetFair Case

Parliament in Holland is still hesitant about getting into online gambling markets as demonstrated in a recent case with the giant Casino and Poker client, BetFair. The Dutch government has remained steadfast in their refusal to grant BetFair a gambling license within the nation which is indicative of bigger problems in European trade.

Netherlands Council of State ruling has essentially placed BetFair’s proposal in legal limbo for another two years which shows that the Dutch government plans to stall not only this one company but all similar services from accessing the country as a point of entry toward larger European gambling business. With the European Union’s attempts to fully establish free trade across the continent it is troubling to see Holland stay so resolute on their national gambling monopoly and BetFair’s case can be understood as having implications far beyond a single company’s plea for expansion.

With the regular news of Dutch resistance to open business with many
British online gambling networks, onlookers see a dismal future toward enjoying the economic prosperity offered by a Europe meant to be united past national borders. Popular dissent against this type of legislature is still strong however, meaning that perhaps before too long these rules may need to be revoked before the European Court of Justice looks into the case further in two years time.

Inside Gaming Announces Partnership with Income Access Software

Inside Gaming is one of the premier software and gaming systems companies and they have recently announced a partnership with Income Access Software as a means of creating improved affiliate functions and business plans across a number of clients.

The company recently told the press that this partnership was sealed and spoke of their plans to add their combined skills to the
Better Poker and Better Casino services. The extra boost which will be given to these already established sites will come by way of an improved management plan that the partnership will provide. Inside Gaming and Income Access Software hope to give their services to many a gaming website and improve their business through improved affiliate and company management. Their now joined skills could overhaul the average business into a powerhouse; Inside Gaming is reputable in their ability to aid the business plans of emerging online gambling companies and Income Access provides some of the best affiliate marketing software available.

To the average
online casino or poker room visitor this may not seem like big news but the implications could be far-reaching if this partnership is able to use their status for a number of sites. As more and more gambling networks are established on the Internet the solid skill set provided by Inside Gaming and Income Access Software could see a large increase in fantastic websites for users to frequent.

Canadian Man Wins $1,000,000 at 888.Com

888.Com’s World Poker Crown Poker tournament came to a grand close with Toronto, Ontario native, Jack Hinchley winning the live final table in Spain. After taking out over two thousand online competitors, Hinchley played against two other Canadians at the finals and defeated Michael Lawson to take home the title.

The final round saw the two competitors square off after Lawson had been slowly wearing down his opponent by betting hard against his chip lead. Hinchley won the last hand after Lawson saw the K-J-6, all hearts flop and went all in with his
ten-high flush to be defeated by the winner’s top pair call and king. He revealed after the game that his strategy involved keeping constant pressure on the other competitors and it paid off extraordinarily even though some of the play involved substantial bravado considering the huge risks.

The (now) former plumber announced plans to hand in his notice of resignation after receiving his
million dollar prize and commented that he wishes to finance his granddaughter, Victoria’s university education with part of the winnings. It is fitting that Hinchley kept her picture with him during rough hands at the table and that his good luck charm paid off in such a fitting manner.

SportingBet Pays Out Enormous Jackpot to Lucky Player

Last week a Mr. K. Vasileiadis was fortunate enough to take home an enormous £748,290 jackpot after winning at a SportingBet online Casino slot machine. The company was proud to pay out the huge prize and took the opportunity to garner some brand-based publicity in awarding it to Vasileiadis.

SportingBet’s CEO paid for Mr. Vasileiadis alongside five of his family members and close friends to accompany him to London where the money was awarded. The group was also treated to a celebratory luncheon and drinks in order to celebrate the jackpot win before the prize was handed over. SportingBet gained a great reason to publicize their company as they gear up for their ten year anniversary as part of the online gambling industry. As one of the first companies to catch onto the Internet gaming craze before it took off, it is heartening to see SportingBet hold strong by awarding one of the casino gaming business’ biggest jackpots in industry history.

Vasileiadis told press that he has no plans to substantially change his lifestyle but would rather use it as a means to ensure security in his life. He apparently has no real desire to leave his current job. However, Vasileiadis is engaged and his fiancé was thrilled to hear of the win with the two now planning to have a bigger wedding than previously anticipated.

Casino Classic Review

We have just released our review of Casino Classic here at

Casino Classic is the 24th Ranked Online Casino based upon web traffic and it offers a £500 free play hour where you can play for Free with £500 and you keep all of your winnings over the initial £500 after the hour has ended.

straight to Casino Classic or Read our Review of Casino Classic.

Internet Gaming Industry Addresses Problem Gambling Education

In a recent move the Responsibility in Gambling Trust or RIGT has launched a thorough campaign to provide education within the field of problem or addictive gambling. While the initiative has not yet identified any corporations or companies as the source of the problem many CEOs and upper management in the gaming industry are closely watching the RIGT’s program.

The UK-based
Responsibility in Gaming Trust has requested funding from premier physical and online casinos, bingo halls, bookkeepers and poker sites with the hope that they will be able to provide help before individuals succumb to addictive gambling. John Greenway, MP and RIGT Chairman has announced that the Trust wants to establish sufficient programs to pre-empt problem gambling behavior instead of merely treating those who have already lapsed into the mindset.

Considering the immense rise in internet
gambling’s popularity it would be a smart move for gaming corporations to fully endorse such an initiative. A side effect of the Internet casino business boom is that many visitors to these services are finding it easier than ever to gamble in excess and with the RIGT’s actions it will be hard for the industry to ignore their program. Greenway has noted that the RIGT has increased their education spending by ten times what was committed in 2000 and hopes to double this amount again within the next two years.

Bad News for Dutch Gamblers Continues as Holland Issues Crackdown

This week the Dutch Ministry of Justice has issued a continuation of Holland’s war against online gambling by proclaiming a bigger and more serious effort to stop the practice than ever before. The national stance on gambling has always been strict and instead of accepting public noncompliance, the country has decided to tackle the issue with even more enthusiasm than in the past.

fifty online services have been targeted by the Ministry in initial action and several Dutch banks have been contacted with orders to cease business in attempts to stop the flow of money gambling. Without a permit, many online casinos will continue to face financial restrictions in the near future. Holland has decided to focus efforts by not only targeting national banks as the root of the problem but also compiling files on offending companies so that legal prosecution can be considered later on.

It continues to be a grim time for
Dutch gamblers as Holland seems to have decided to not only continue but actually increase penal action toward their anti-gambling laws. With this most recent action the business of online casinos and sports betting services will no doubt continue to dwindle, forcing Dutch citizens to limit their gambling options even further in the future.

Ladbrokes Casino Review

We have just published a
review of the Ladbrokes Casino here at Ladbrokes are a very established brand in the UK with over 2200 high street betting shops. They have chosen the Microgaming Viper Software platform for their Casino and this includes Flash based instant play games, allowing you to play on your Mac as well as PC.

The download
Casino is PC only but does have fantastic graphics and gameplay from a trusted brand.

Check out the
review of Ladbrokes Casino, or go straight to the Casino to play.

32Red Casino Review

We have just published our review of the 32Red Casino here at

32Red have become well known in the United Kingdom through their sponsorship of
Aston Villa Football Club. They also use the UK actress, Patsy Kensit as the voice of the Casino. Patsy Kensit introduces the Casino. reads out the cards, and also calls the numbers in the various online games.

32Red offer a £100 sign up matched bonus for new Casino players and have some great games and graphics thanks to the Microgaming Viper Software employed by the Casino.

Be sure to check out the
review of 32Red Casino. Alternatively, go straight to 32Red Casino to sign up and start playing.

Dutch Parliament Refuses Online Poker to Monopoly Holding Casino

The Dutch government recently turned down a bill which would grant Holland Casino the exclusive rights to provide a Netherlands based online casino to citizens. The company holds the monopoly for gambling in the Netherlands and was hoping to expand their market by offering the only viable service for Internet poker playing within the nation.

Various factors resulted in the Dutch Parliament refusing the expansion of Holland Casino’s monopoly which was overturned by only two votes in the company’s appeal to the Netherlands government. Ministers hope that by voting against the appeal it will dampen Dutch gambling practices by stopping another outlet to online poker playing although gaming betters will still find ample venues internationally and within the EU itself.

The parliamentary move has also dealt a minor blow to Holland
Casino’s software provider, CryptoLogic who have been working with the corporation for over a year on developing the proposed online casino. With the denial of a Dutch internet casino option CryptoLogic will no longer be able to benefit from the revenue sharing system they had put in motion during their time working for Holland Casino. Brian Hadfield, the software corporation’s CEO remains optimistic however as he and the rest of his team at CryptoLogic were anticipating the refusal of such a bill and continue to work for other clients.

The History of Slots

We have just released an article that covers the History of Slot Machines.

Slot Machines are the mainstay of most
Casinos and this includes Online Casinos where you will always find a number of themed Slot Machines to play.

Check out the article and learn about the
History of Slots.

How to Play Slots

It is estimated that the next Internet gambling craze, after Poker will be Slot Machines, or Slots.

If you go to any
Casino anywhere in the world you will always find the Slot Machine. These are true gambling machines. You place your bet, spin the reels, and await the hopefully positive outcome.

Well, I have just published the latest article from
Findabet which shows you how to play slot machines. Check it out and I hope you enjoy reading it.

How to Play BlackJack

BlackJack is one of my favorite Casino games, probably only second to Roulette.

The ease of learning how to play BlackJack and its simple betting structure make it a sure fire winner in most
Online Casinos.

Check out the
new article here at on how to play BlackJack and see if you can learn something from it.

Trip to Las Vegas

Well, I am happy to say that I travel to Las Vegas tomorrow for 4 nights to attend the Affiliate Summit.

Looking forward to it as I have not ben for a couple of years and Vegas changes a lot in two years. Of course I will be trying my luck at the
Casino, Poker, Bingo, and probably sports books so wish me luck and I hopefully will still have my shirt when I return!

History of Casinos

Slots at the Casino
Hot on the heels of the
History of Bingo blog post, I am happy to now bring you another informative document on the History of Casinos.

This document looks at where
Casinos have come from and provides historical information about traditional and online Casinos.

Be sure to check out the
Top Ten Casinos here at

Las Vegas Casino Billionaire backs the UK Conservative Party

The politicians are at it again, this time with a Casino Billionaire!

A FINNISH billionaire who inherited a small fortune from the arms trade and has extensive gambling interests in Las Vegas, USA, has emerged as one of the leader of the Conservative Party, David Cameron’s major financial backers.

Poju Zabludowicz, who lives in London, UK, has donated £70,000 to the Conservative party over the past three years. He is also one of the financial supporters of the Conservative Friends of Israel, which has also given to the party.

Zabludowicz, aged 55, heads the Tamares Group, which has its headquarters in Liechtenstein and has an international property portfolio, which includes a number of hotels and casinos in Las Vegas. Zabludowicz is calculated by The Sunday Times Rich List to be worth more than £2 billion.

Quite an interesting match really. I wonder if the Conservative party came into power the Gambling laws would be relaxed and maybe we would see some of the promised Super Casino's in the UK!

Review of Virgin Casino

A few weeks ago we did a review of Virgin Poker. Now we have supplemented this by adding a review of the Virgin Casino.

We will be working our way through all of the Casinos and Poker Rooms on our site and adding reviews for all of the sites. We actually use these sites here at so we can add value in showing you how to get these sites to work and also how to make money from them.

David Blaine does some Roulette Casino Magic

Now I know this is not the normal sort of stuff I post here on my blog but this video showing David Blaine in a Casino doing some magic at the Roulette table is fantastic.

David calls 5 red/black combinations to turn $200 into $3200. Now, I wish I could do that!