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Internet Gaming Industry Addresses Problem Gambling Education

In a recent move the Responsibility in Gambling Trust or RIGT has launched a thorough campaign to provide education within the field of problem or addictive gambling. While the initiative has not yet identified any corporations or companies as the source of the problem many CEOs and upper management in the gaming industry are closely watching the RIGT’s program.

The UK-based
Responsibility in Gaming Trust has requested funding from premier physical and online casinos, bingo halls, bookkeepers and poker sites with the hope that they will be able to provide help before individuals succumb to addictive gambling. John Greenway, MP and RIGT Chairman has announced that the Trust wants to establish sufficient programs to pre-empt problem gambling behavior instead of merely treating those who have already lapsed into the mindset.

Considering the immense rise in internet
gambling’s popularity it would be a smart move for gaming corporations to fully endorse such an initiative. A side effect of the Internet casino business boom is that many visitors to these services are finding it easier than ever to gamble in excess and with the RIGT’s actions it will be hard for the industry to ignore their program. Greenway has noted that the RIGT has increased their education spending by ten times what was committed in 2000 and hopes to double this amount again within the next two years.