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Betfair Casino Reveals New, Atari-Themed Slot and Dice Games

Fans of vintage videogames will be pleased to see that Betfair’s casino site has just released a new game based on a classic Atari football simulator. The latest addition to the online gaming network’s virtual slots line-up is Sensible Soccer, based on the classic game, and is currently available alongside three new entries to the Poker Cubed series.

Betfair Casino’s Sensible Soccer is a five reel, 25 payline slot with special bonus features. It’s branded with elements from the much loved Sensible Soccer videogame, first released by Atari in 1992, and is meant to appeal to a wide fanbase still nostalgic for the title. Betfair Casino’s version offers up a bonus feature (called Euro Cup) that lets competitors place wagers on different football teams before matches are decided through virtual tournament play. If a bet is placed on a team that achieves ten or more goals the player will trigger “an unlimited progressive jackpot.” Betfair has also released three new competitive dice games as part of its Poker Cubed series. These titles include Dice Hold ‘Em (a spin on Texas hold ‘em where dice stand in for cards), Shoot the Moons (where players bet on the highest numbered dice roll) and Liar’s Dice (a betting game based on one played in the Pirates of the Caribbean films).

Betfair is enthusiastic about its new games — and the innovative Poker Cubed in particular. A company statement described how the dice game “offers a challenge to veteran card players and newcomers alike.”