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Betfair Extends Expands Contract with Playtech

The backbone of every online gambling site is the software it uses to power its catalogue of games. In recent years Betfair has powered its network with solutions from Playtech, a business relationship that it intends to retain going forward.

Betfair has just announced that it will be continuing to work with well known software developer, Playtech in the coming years. The internet gaming company recently renewed its contract with the developer while also expanding on the number of services it will hire the company to provide. Betfair will now be counting on Playtech to provide not only casino software, but also new bingo software and an option to take advantage of the developer's existing online poker network. The new terms in the contract between the two businesses will allow Betfair to offer a much larger range of betting games through both its desktop and mobile site versions. While no service expansions have been announced as of yet, Betfair and Playtech have confirmed that they will work together to release a new, licensed poker product in Spain in the near future.

Ian Chuter, Betfair's Group Operations Director, told press that his company "has built a strong relationship with Playtech over a number of years" and that they were still "the logical choice for providing us with what we now need." Hinting at a service expansion, Chuter added that a wider contract with Playtech will enable Betfair to "[provide] customers with a high quality one-stop shop for all their betting needs."

Betfair Casino Reveals New, Atari-Themed Slot and Dice Games

Fans of vintage videogames will be pleased to see that Betfair’s casino site has just released a new game based on a classic Atari football simulator. The latest addition to the online gaming network’s virtual slots line-up is Sensible Soccer, based on the classic game, and is currently available alongside three new entries to the Poker Cubed series.

Betfair Casino’s Sensible Soccer is a five reel, 25 payline slot with special bonus features. It’s branded with elements from the much loved Sensible Soccer videogame, first released by Atari in 1992, and is meant to appeal to a wide fanbase still nostalgic for the title. Betfair Casino’s version offers up a bonus feature (called Euro Cup) that lets competitors place wagers on different football teams before matches are decided through virtual tournament play. If a bet is placed on a team that achieves ten or more goals the player will trigger “an unlimited progressive jackpot.” Betfair has also released three new competitive dice games as part of its Poker Cubed series. These titles include Dice Hold ‘Em (a spin on Texas hold ‘em where dice stand in for cards), Shoot the Moons (where players bet on the highest numbered dice roll) and Liar’s Dice (a betting game based on one played in the Pirates of the Caribbean films).

Betfair is enthusiastic about its new games — and the innovative Poker Cubed in particular. A company statement described how the dice game “offers a challenge to veteran card players and newcomers alike.”

BetFair Adds Hans Martin Vogl to Team BetFair Poker

Team BetFair Poker is one of the most well known collection of sponsored poker players in the industry. Now it has grown to include yet another talented professional with the recent signing of Germany’s Hans Martin Vogl.

Hans Martin Vogl has made a name for himself throughout the last several years, developing an extremely impressive career full of large earnings and exceptional live and online performances. Vogl is best known for his multi-table and sit-and-go play, specializations that first put him on the map back when he started playing full time in 2004. The German player was previously interested in sports wagering but, after using €5,000 of his winnings as a poker bankroll, he discovered that he was talented at the game. Vogl was snapped up by Team Full Tilt soon after and began to compete online and at live events like the 2006 BetFair Asian Poker Tour (where he placed seventh) and the 2007 Aussie Millions (where he took fifth place at the main event). His live earnings to date stand at an impressive $501, 497 and Vogl only looks to improve as he spends time studying poker to better his game.

Vogl looks to be a great addition to Team BetFair Poker and should help to boost the already impressive team’s profile in the coming years. BetFair’s Global Poker Manager, Asko Heiskanen, speaking on behalf of his company, said that “Hans has demonstrated time and time again that he is a player of extraordinary skills [and] we are delighted he has joined Team BetFair Poker.”

Betfair Fall Victim to Cyber Attack, Fails to Notify Customers

Bad news has struck both online gaming giant Betfair and its user base as the company now reports on its recent trouble with cyber crime. The digital attack in question saw massive amounts of member information — some of it linked to bank accounts and security questions — being stolen by the perpetrators.

In the media fallout that has followed the cyber attack, has told press that it failed to inform its users that the attack had occurred — and that many of them would have been financially compromised by it. Sky News, in reporting on the story, alleges that some 3.1 million account names linked to security questions were stolen in the attack. 2.9 million usernames alone and almost 90,000 usernames linked to bank account information were also nabbed by the perpetrators. Betfair justified its failure to notify its customers of the attack by stating that doing so would have interfered with an ongoing Serious Organized Crime Agency investigation. The company also stated that its existing security measures had rendered the stolen data unusable.

The outrage that has followed this news is considerable and will do far more damage to Betfair’s reputation than if the company had informed its members of the security breach straightaway. Regardless of how its users feel about their site of choice now, Betfair has told press that it is taking all necessary measures in strengthening its security to ensure that a similar attack won’t take place in the future.

BetFair Opens World Series of Poker 2011 Entry Promos

Sportsbooker and online gaming network, BetFair, has just launched a number of promotional offers that aim to give members of its poker site a chance to win their entry to the fast-approaching World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2011. Talented, amateur players now have the opportunity they need to compete in the massive tournament series and try their hand at breaking into the professional ranks.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly promotion has already begun and will run through until near the end of May while offering up a staggering $150,000 in seats. BetFair Poker fans can compete in a $70,000 points race that will ultimately see the top three players winning seats to the poker season’s most prestigious tournament series — the WSOP. Competitors that place between the 150th and fourth position will also be able to claim a partial share in $40,000 of cash prizes. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly will be run alongside the 6-Shooter promo. 6-Shooter allows BetFair members to compete for seats in an early July tournament series that will ultimately award winners with $5,700 WSOP side event prize packages.

BetFair’s The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is available now and will run until Friday, 27th May 2011 while 6-Shooter preliminaries take place throughout April and May before final tournaments run from 1st to 6th July, 2011. The BetFair $2,500 Welcome Freeroll will also change during the WSOP 2011 lead-up, occurring less often but rewarding winners with WSOP side event packages and satellite tickets.

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Betfair Sportsbook Expands Its Services with New Video Options

Popular online bookkeeper, Betfair, has just announced new expansions to its service line-up that should help to keep the site relevant for serious punters. Live sporting events from across Europe have been added to the internet sportsbook as part of a substantial platform update that will make Betfair a more attractive option for betting enthusiasts.

The new live video options now appearing on Betfair are the result of the company’s recent agreement signing with The Sportsman Media Group GmbH, a sports rights and marketing agency. Betfair members receive benefits from the deal that include more wager-ready matches across Europe and an increase in live, streaming events. New videos will be available from top games across the European Handball Federation, the Confederation of European Valleyball, football from Spain’s La Liga, Germany’s Bundesliga and more. The Sportsman Media Group specializes in live stream support and brings years of experience in the industry to Betfair in order to make the site a great choice for punters that want to enjoy plenty of variety with their betting.

Betfair’s streaming video services add to their existing roster to make their bookkeeping coverage even more extensive than before. Their working relationship with The Sportsman Media Group is great, not only for the two companies involved in the new agreement, but also for members of the site.