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Bodog Casino Rewards Lucky Slots Player $200,000 Prize

Howard G., a fifty-five year old Houston, Texas resident had a fantastic surprise when logging on to play ‘Victory’ slots at Bodog Casino recently. To his complete surprise the machine spun out the right combination to reward Howard a massive jackpot within seconds and drastically bulk up his wallet.

Victory slots came up as four ‘captains’ and a ‘ship’ after the reels stopped spinning which put Howard into a state of disbelief. Bodog’s slots reward the ship icon on this machine as a wildcard which automatically paid out the $5 per line bet ten thousand credits. Although $50,000 probably would have been enough to make the Texan’s day he was also lucky enough to win on a free spin which turned his ship into four-times its worth and then paid out the $200,000 total prize. It’s a fairly impressive payout considering that the Victory slots at hand weren’t even one of the ‘hotter’ progressive jackpots and that it was complete fortune which provided the enormous sum.

Bodog Casino is well known for being one of the best online venues available and for Howard G. their reputation certainly proved itself true. Several other devotees of the service have had enough luck to cash in on progressive jackpots and set payouts in recent months with Howard being only the most recent to strike it rich.