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Wild Weekends Promotional Event Comes to Bodog Casino

                Bodog Casino's latest promotional offering is set to make the weekends a lot more exciting for members of the online casino platform. The new weekly event is sure to command plenty of attention by giving Bodog members not only the ability to increase the rate at which they collect Casino Points, but to take part in lucrative prize draws as well.
                Members of Bodog Casino will now be able to take greater chances while playing their favourite games. Wild Weekends allows players to earn double Casino Points for each of their successful wagers, allowing for quicker access to cash rewards. Even better, Bodog Casino will use every Casino Point earned by a player in a newly unveiled $1,000 prize draw. Each Casino Point will be converted to a single entry to the draw without any limits being placed on how many entries a member can accumulate in the lead-up to the prize giveaway. The Bodog Casino player who wins the prize draw will have $1,000 transferred to their account at the site.
                A statement from Bodog Casino called "weekends" a great opportunity "for letting loose and having fun" while adding that the new Wild Weekends promotion will make it easy to "be rewarded [for doing] just that." Wild Weekends has just been launched and is planned to continue for the foreseeable future. Players can take part in the promotion by logging onto Bodog Casino between 3pm each Friday and 3am each Monday.