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New Zone Poker Format Launched at Bodog Poker

                Online poker players looking for a fresh take on their game of choice will be pleased to hear that Bodog Poker has just launched a brand new format with Zone Poker, a style of play that is designed to appeal to those who want to pack as much action as possible into their time at the tables.
                Bodog's Zone Poker is meant to give players the ability to compete quickly and is built to accommodate fast movement from table to table. This is accomplished through a pool of special Zone tables. Once the player has entered into these games they can use Fold Now and Check/Fold Now buttons to make the process of swapping one table for another extremely easy. Zone Poker software enhances the speed of switching to a new game by instantly transitioning from the player's fold on one table to their placement at another. The length of time set between each hand is also much shorter than at Bodog Poker's standard tables. Zone Poker currently supports no limit and pot limit Omaha (with either $0.02/$0.05 or $0.05/$0.10 stakes), but is set to expand to include other stake levels and play styles over time.
                Bodog Poker called Zone Poker a game that lets players "take [their] thrill ride to another level" by giving them "the chance to see more cards and play more hands in a shorter period of time." Zone Poker is now available for European and American players.

Bodog President Leaves Company, Hints at New Online Gaming Business

                Bodog Poker Network's president, Jonas Odman, has announced that he has left the company in order to start a new business. The former president was responsible for turning Bodog into the successful online poker network it is today by introducing the popular anonymous playing model.
                Odman hails from Sweden and began working in online poker in 2004 by joining the Ongame Poker Network. From there he developed the anonymous poker model — a form of play that helps keep professionals and opportunist sharks from winning money from less experienced players — that came to define Bodog Poker. This focus on catering to recreational poker fans paid off for Bodog and set a new trend in the industry that was later adopted by competing sites. Now that Odman has stepped down as president of the company he has begun hinting at the start of a new business venture that will continue to focus on anonymous play.
                Jonas Odman  told press that he is seriously considering launching "a start-up company, based in [California]" which will bring anonymous play to the U.S. online poker market where "nobody else is offering anything tangibly different." Many American states have begun legalizing and regulating online poker, a trend that Odman believes will eventually open the wealthy state of California for business. If this proves to be the case the former Bodog president would be able to "do things right from the start and launch with a recreational poker model instead of trying to implement it later."

Bodog Casino Launches Go 3D for $3K Promotion

                Bodog Casino's latest promotional offering wants to help show off the online gaming site's new three dimensional slot machines by enticing players with a series of fantastic rewards. Members of the online gaming platform will be able to vie for extra loyalty points and participate in a cash draw by immersing themselves in the latest Bodog slots.
                Go 3D for $3K is already live on Bodog Casino and is set to run throughout most of this month. The promotion consists of two separate components — one that rewards extra loyalty points and another that provides a $3,000 prize draw. Bodog members can take advantage of the loyalty points boost by wagering money on any of the site's 3D slots. To help advertise these new games Bodog will be awarding 6 points for each $10 gambled on 3D slots, offering three times the regular rate of 2 points per $10. Each of the loyalty points earned by Bodog members doubles as an entry to the $3,000 draw that will be held at the end of the promotion. Only one lucky entrant will take home the $3K, but everyone can enter just by making wagers at new games like Gladiator, Viking Age, Gold Diggers, At the Movies and more.
                Bodog Casino helped sell the Go 3D for $3K promotion by enticing players with the prospect of losing themselves in slot games that let them "spend a night in Paris [and] scout out live animals in the African Wild" through "brand new 3D games" that provide great experiences while also "giving you a chance to make a nice chunk of change."     

Bodog Pokers Anonymous Poker Series Comes to the WSOP

                Bodog Poker, after being impressed by the enthusiastic response garnered by the first two editions of its Anonymous Poker Series, has decided to launch a new version of the special event that ties into this year's World Series of Poker (WSOP).  
                Bodog's Anonymous Poker Series (APS), previously held in Macau and London, has proven to be a hit for the online poker network. The unorthodox promotion was designed to celebrate Bodog's anonymity-focused poker platform by rewarding not only those who triumph in the web-based events, but also players who photograph themselves in Zorro costumes while competing at live events. The World Series of Poker edition of Anonymous Poker Series will continue this tradition, providing extravagant prize packages to  the winners of the series and two WSOP competitors dressed like the masked hero. The prize package in question is worth some $6,600 and includes the $2,000 buy-in to the Anonymous Poker Series $100,000 Guaranteed Live Invitational Finale in Manila, Philippines, $700 in spending money, flight and hotel accommodations, an invite to an APS party and assorted Bodog swag. Site members can vie for the prize by entering into online qualifiers with buy-ins set as low as $0.66 USD.
                Bodog Poker Network's President, Jonas Odman, explained that his company "designed [the Anonymous Poker Series] to give those who've had a bad poker experience a better one." The online gaming network's latest edition of the promotional series should help to prove this sentiment true.

Wild Weekends Promotional Event Comes to Bodog Casino

                Bodog Casino's latest promotional offering is set to make the weekends a lot more exciting for members of the online casino platform. The new weekly event is sure to command plenty of attention by giving Bodog members not only the ability to increase the rate at which they collect Casino Points, but to take part in lucrative prize draws as well.
                Members of Bodog Casino will now be able to take greater chances while playing their favourite games. Wild Weekends allows players to earn double Casino Points for each of their successful wagers, allowing for quicker access to cash rewards. Even better, Bodog Casino will use every Casino Point earned by a player in a newly unveiled $1,000 prize draw. Each Casino Point will be converted to a single entry to the draw without any limits being placed on how many entries a member can accumulate in the lead-up to the prize giveaway. The Bodog Casino player who wins the prize draw will have $1,000 transferred to their account at the site.
                A statement from Bodog Casino called "weekends" a great opportunity "for letting loose and having fun" while adding that the new Wild Weekends promotion will make it easy to "be rewarded [for doing] just that." Wild Weekends has just been launched and is planned to continue for the foreseeable future. Players can take part in the promotion by logging onto Bodog Casino between 3pm each Friday and 3am each Monday.

Bodog Poker Sends Lucky Player to 2014 Asian Poker Tour

                Bodog Poker helped celebrate the upcoming Asian Poker Tour (APT) Philippines 2014 by not only promoting the site's accomplishments, but sending one lucky player to the real-world event as well. This player travelled to Manila dressed as the character of Zorro and competed at the tables with a $1,000 bounty on their head.   
                In order to make for a truly memorable promotion Bodog Poker hired on Tara O'Callaghan (who previously worked as a hat maker for Zara Philips) to create a one-of-a-kind Zorro hat. This hat was paired with a mask in order to make the player anonymous while they competed at the APT. While this bit of theatricality may seem strange without context, Jonas Odman, President of the Bodog Poker Network, told press that the get-up was designed as a nod to his company's recreational poker model. This model was created by Bodog in an effort to provide players with "the fairest place to play poker online" by masking identities and warding off the kind of professional sharks who can ruin a more casual competitor's experience. Odman called the "costume and bounty for our anonymous [APT] player partly a bit of fun, but [also] a reminder" of Bodog's commitment to its recreational business model.         
                The Philippines leg of this year's Asian Poker Tour took place at Resort World Manila, wrapping up on Wednesday, 24th April. Bodog's Zorro player received entry to the 2013 APT Philippines along with a buy-in to the upcoming Anonymous Poker Series' $100,000 final.

Bodog Casino Launches 94 Club VIP Service

                Serious online casino gamers will now be able to enjoy improved incentives at Bodog Casino with the unveiling of the platform's newly launched VIP service. 94 Club, the VIP program in question, provides members with a selection of excellent rewards, bonuses and access to exclusive events.
                94 Club is meant to enhance the Bodog playing experience by catering to the site's most dedicated fans. Once a site member has been entered into the VIP program they will be able to enjoy benefits that include doubled loyalty points on all cash wagers, weekly gameplay bonuses, special rewards, invitations to both online and real world live events and parties and, perhaps best of all, personalized customer service from Bodog Casino's support staff. Alongside the launch of 94 Club, Bodog has also begun to restructure areas of its service as part of an ongoing effort to better serve its entire customer base. This initiative will see the platform offering regular prize draws and increasing the rate by which loyalty points are earned on promotional games. The restructure is set to make earning cash rewards up to "three times faster" than before.
                Bodog calls its 94 Club service a great way for "players [to] enjoy the best of everything Bodog." The current line-up of VIP perks and special offers certainly look to offer a great series of incentives for dedicated gamblers and a real draw to sign up to Bodog Casino.

Bodog Poker Offers Players Entry to the 2014 World Series of Poker

                The poker world's most highly anticipated event — the World Series of Poker (WSOP) — is less than three months away and, to celebrate it, Bodog Poker is helping send its players to the illustrious series.
                2013 marks the 44th edition of the annual WSOP series, the event kicking off on 6th July and running through 15th July at Las Vegas' Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino. With an enormous prize pool (speculated to be even larger than the 2012 WSOP's $62 million pool) up for grabs the tournament will no doubt attract many of poker's biggest stars. Bodog wants to make the event accessible to talented players who are unable to buy into the WSOP's $10,000 main event as well. To this end the online poker platform has just launched a series of satellite tournaments that award prize packages (worth an estimated $15,000) and main event entry. For stakes as low as $1.10 players can battle it out for a shot at a prize package containing $5,000 in cash, the $10,000 main event buy-in, a plethora of Bodog swag and a meeting with one of Team Bodog's sponsored pros upon arrival in Las Vegas.
                Bodog Poker told press that it was excited to offer its players a shot at the 2013 World Series of Poker main event, "where fortunes are won and legends are made." Bodog's promo series runs from 2nd April to 23rd June, offering more than 2,000 qualifiers and weekly satellite tournaments.

Jay Tan Renews Bodog Poker Sponsorship Deal

                Jay Tan, one of the poker world's most recognizable up and comers, has just announced the renewal of her sponsorship agreement with Bodog Poker. Following a fantastic win at the recently concluded Aussie Millions Tan has signed on for at least one more year of representing Bodog at the tables.
                Jay Tan, born in California and raised in both Hong Kong and Sydney, has made a big name for herself since moving on from a burgeoning career in investment banking to playing professional level poker full time. Tan holds a Masters of Business in Finance and Accounting, speaks three languages and has cashed at renowned live series like the Asian Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker. Her most recent accomplishment took place at the 2013 Aussie Millions Main Event, an event that saw Tan finishing 7th overall at the final table. The win earned Tan $150,000 AUD, bringing her total live tournament take to a considerable $252,707.
                Bodog's President, Jonas Odman, called Jay Tan "an integral part of the ongoing Bodog Poker story" and said that his company is "thrilled to have her back on board for another year." Tan echoed Odman's enthusiasm, stating that "becoming a sponsored player has always been a dream" and that she "[feels] very at home with Bodog and [is looking] forward to carrying on where [she] left off" with her sponsorship.

Bodog Poker Announces New Tournament Series for 2013

January is looking to be a busy month for Bodog Poker. The popular online poker network has entered into 2013 with a host of new promotions and business plans, including concentration on catering to Asia's poker market and, probably most interesting, the launch of a freshly created tournament series that ties into this effort.

Anonymous Poker Series, the new tournament venture in question, is set to consist of a combination of online and real world qualifying events. These qualifiers will provide amateur poker players with chances to win their way into lucrative online games as well as European and Asian land-based games leading up to the massive Philippines finale (scheduled to take place in 2014 in Manila). In an innovative move, Bodog's tournament series will also feature anonymous tables that are meant to ward off cheating players. This move has been described as a way to gain the trust of the Asian poker market (where providing a safe playing environment is essential to success).

Jonas Odman, the Bodog Poker Network's Managing Director, told press that his company created Anonymous Poker Series in order to "highlight exactly how and why . . . our poker network is the best and safest place for recreational poker players." Anonymous Poker Series will run throughout 2013 before concluding next January with a $100,000 finale set to take place in Manila, Philippines. Partnering poker operators will be revealed in the weeks to come.

Bodog Casino Pulls Service from Numerous European and Asian Countries

Bodog Casino players from nations spanning Europe and Asia will soon be unable to enjoy their site of choice due to an upcoming business move. The popular online gaming network, based in the United Kingdom, has just announced that it will stop offering its services to 20 nations by the end of this month.
                Bodog Casino’s operator, Bodog UK, has just released a statement that detailed its plans to pull out of numerous international markets by 30
th August, 2012. The effected countries include Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Israel, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. Bodog members from these nations are urged to withdraw any remaining funds from their accounts by 30th August (after the cut-off date all withdrawals will have to be carried out via Bodog’s customer service) and cease depositing further amounts after the end of the month as well.
                The press release issued by Bodog Casino described the company’s decision to withdraw from the aforementioned markets as an effort to “concentrate on our strengths and where we can offer the best product.” The statement went on to say that “spreading ourselves too thinly to try and cover a huge amount of smaller markets was proving logistically difficult” and that a smaller customer base would be better served by the decision to limit Bodog’s international services to a smaller number of countries.

Team Bodog Signs Poker Professional, Jay Tan

Bodog Poker’s professional players/brand ambassadors, Team Bodog have just grown by one member. The site recently announced the addition of Hong Kong’s Jay Tan to its roster, expanding their line-up with one of the poker world’s fastest rising stars.

Jay Tan, a native of Los Angeles now living in Hong Kong, is a talented player and speaks three languages fluently. Tan has been making quite a name for herself in recent years. One of her most impressive showings was at the Macau Poker Club’s recent Red Dragon event where she finished second. Tan is the niece of famous American writer Amy Tan (The Joy Luck Club) and, aside from being skilled in poker, is an accomplished mahjong player as well. Bodog Poker continues to make forays into the every expanding Asian poker market, signing Tan (who speaks fluent Mandarin, Cantonese and English) after having launched Chinese language support for its online casino platform.

Considering the continuing growth of poker in Asia, Tan felt that Bodog was a smart choice for her sponsorship, stating that “[Bodog] seems to really understand the Asian market” and that the site’s anonymous tables are a great choice for a demographic of competitors who “are new to the game and don’t want to be beaten by players who are unfairly using their own playing data against them.” Bodog Poker’s Vice President, Jonas Odman, agreed with her points and added that “with Jay as the face of the brand we can take things a step further” in the Asian market.

Bodog Implements Data Mining Blocking Solution

The European section of Bodog’s extremely popular online poker site has been plagued with data mining in the past but now the company has found a solution to this issue. Bodog has just announced that it will be taking drastic action toward blocking data miners now and throughout the rest of the year.

Data mining takes a negative toll on online poker players, amassing information on their play style in order to help give others gain an unfair advantage at the tables. While historically it has been difficult for poker networks to stamp out data miners, Bodog has revealed a novel approach that should give its players peace of mind as they compete. will now be removing full tables from its lobbies, making it impossible for potential miners to record information on players sitting in an ongoing, completely populated game.

Bodog’s spokespeople commented on data mining, alluding to the fact that the information is routinely bought by serious players in order to take advantage of others and stating that it’s a practice that “only benefits ‘professional players’ to the detriment of ‘recreational players’”. Bodog hopes that, by removing unnecessary table information, miners will avoid attempts at recording information and play at its site will remain fair.

Bodog Casino Lobbies Receive an Overhaul

Fans of Bodog’s unique brand of online casino play have been delighted to find an overhaul to their site of choice’s gaming lobbies. The massive gaming company surprised its players and industry observers alike by debuting a number of fresh new ideas that look to increase convenience, making for a more enjoyable time at the various slots and tables hosted at the site.

The recently unveiled Bodog Casino lobby facelift has affected the European, Canadian and United Kingdom iterations of the site, providing great new changes for players across a wide variety of regions. These redesigned lobbies allow members to make use of simpler navigation features, game previewing (in order to show what’s occurring in ongoing games a player may wish to join) and a revamped search bar feature. Outside of game lobbies, Bodog is also bringing live dealers to its Asian sites and is currently hard at work in setting up studios, hiring hosts and designing software that will bring this new feature to its casinos in the near future.

Bodog Casino’s renovated game lobbies are sure to be appreciated by both newcomers and long-time fans of the site, ready to see some changes come to the familiar software. There’s been even better news for those hoping for further improvements to Bodog as well; the company has announced that the lobby redesign is only the first step in what spokespeople have called “a multi-tiered revamp of the entire online casino experience [that will] become the industry standard.”

Bodog Receives Gaming Licenses After Gambling Commission Proposals

The United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission has recently put forth proposals that could change the shape of online gambling in the nation. With the future looking somewhat uncertain fans of Bodog can, at least, take heart in the latest news to come from the massive internet poker, casino and sports betting network.

Bodog has announced that, despite the Gambling Commission’s proposal, it has received licensing that will allow it to continue providing its members with both remote and local play. This move ensures that Bodog will be able to offer its services to players even if UK authorities should receive the go-ahead to shake up the industry in the future. These licenses were given to Bodog just in the nick of time. Shortly before John Penrose, the UK Minister for Tourism and Heritage, proposed bills that would require all online gaming companies to operate with domestic licensing, Bodog was able to grab their accreditation. As part of a larger strategy meant to ensure stability in the face of a changing online gambling landscape, Bodog has also told press that it will be concentrating on making a push toward using its local license to its fullest, launching “ . . . an assault on the brick-and-mortar [businesses].”

Even though British players may not be able to rest easy just yet, the news of Bodog’s ability to continue its business does demonstrate a hopeful sign for the industry’s health. Hopefully more of the United Kingdom’s top gambling platforms will receive similar licensing in the near future.

Bodog Makes History with Billionth Blackjack Hand

One of the web’s most popular online gaming networks,, has just made world history by dealing out its billionth blackjack hand. The setting of a new record was duly noted by Bodog Casino, which has offered a fantastic pair of prize options to the lucky, billionth hand player.

To celebrate its achievement, has sought out the site member that played the historic hand and given the fortunate man or woman an opportunity to share in the festivities. It’s online casino site is now offering the player their choice of two massive awards, provided entirely by Bodog. The prizes consist of either a trip to the upcoming Monaco Grand Prix (along with trackside accommodations and access to a private boat) or an all-inclusive vacation to luxurious Turtle Island, Fiji. Mark Leighton, Casino Manager for Bodog, told press that his company was delighted to have reached this landmark and wanted to thank its loyal fan base for making it possible.

Bodog is now the first gaming site to have achieved such a high number of dealt blackjack hands. While other networks have reached one billion poker hands throughout their operations (including, of course, Bodog Poker), blackjack is a less popular game and hitting the same mark is a difficult task that demonstrates Bodog Casino’s massive success in its industry. The billionth blackjack hand was dealt on the evening of Friday, 4th March.

Bodog Network Begins to Phase Out Data Gathering

Online poker network, Bodog, has announced its plans to begin blocking data gathering services from accessing its network. The decision is meant to put more of the site’s focus toward casual poker players by stopping the kind of data logging that mainly serves to enhance the game of professional, money-driven players.

Bodog’s move to block data gatherers was decided upon as part of a plan to bring the fun back into internet games for recreational poker players. Data gatherers like PokerDB, Shark Scope and Poker Site Scout will, now, no longer be able to create records of player activity, meaning that professional “sharks” cannot easily predict the playing style or behaviour of their opponents. The blocking systems have been implemented alongside a new lobby system with a revised interface and a more user-friendly layout. Bodog next plans to halt operator information sites from accessing its members’ play history as part of a continued effort to ensure that new and recreational players feel safe in sitting down at online tables in their spare time.

Bodog’s effort to stamp out data gatherers is likely to help the site appeal to a broader demographic in the future. Bodog Europe’s Chief Executive Officer, Patrik Selin, told press that he believes data gatherer portals are a threat to the continued existence of online poker and stand only to stop prospective players from trying out internet gaming services.

Bodog Provide Details for July’s Mini Poker Series

Bodog Provide Details for July’s ‘Mini Poker Series’

Poker fans can be forgiven if they passed over Bodog’s big announcement, dwarfed as it was by plenty of news from the continuing Las Vegas events of the 2009 World Series of Poker. While it may have been a case of bad timing however, the Bodog Mini Poker Series is certainly an event that shouldn’t be overlooked.

The upcoming Bodog Mini Poker Series will be made up of a set of No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em games designed to capture the interest of aspiring poker players currently studying the techniques of professionals competing in the
WSOP. The thirteen individual events host a low buy-in ($10+1 each) stretched out across almost two weeks of play. Top players (within the highest thirty percent) will gain entrance to a July 21st semi-final where they will then be whittled down to the top eighteen contestants eligible to battle it out in the July 23rd final event.

Bodog Poker will be awarding a seat package to the 2010 World Series of Poker for the Mini Poker Series’ champion, a prize worth approximately $12,000 USD. Interested players without a Bodog account owe it to themselves to sign up soon so they can take part in the action-packed events. The Bodog Mini Poker Series non-final and semi-final games run from Friday, July 3
rd to Wednesday, July 15th beginning at 8.35pm EST.

Bodog Casino Plans Baccarat Tournament

One of the most popular online casinos in the industry, Bodog Casino, has decided to launch a massive baccarat tournament. The decision to embrace the often marginalized game is part of the service’s effort to bring baccarat back to its glory days as one of the most popular casino games.

Bodog Casino will soon be launching their
baccarat contest, an event that is planned to constitute an entire month of incentive packed gaming. The contest will reward over $3,000 in cash prizes throughout its four week duration and hopefully encourage many new baccarat fans. Bodog Casino will host a leaderboard which tracks the most active baccarat players from each seven days. The top five spaces of each week receive $100 and the end of the month will reward $1,000 to the highest placing players. This ranking system encourages frequent play no matter your skill level and is an intelligent method of getting new fans on board with a game that held so many fans before the ascendency of online poker.

The game is quick to learn but difficult to master, making it an ideal choice for Bodog Casino’s latest offering. Whether you’re a complete novice or an old hand at baccarat, Bodog Casino’s promotion of the game provides a great place to dive into the beloved pastime while competing toward one of the financial rewards.

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