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Bodog Network Begins to Phase Out Data Gathering

Online poker network, Bodog, has announced its plans to begin blocking data gathering services from accessing its network. The decision is meant to put more of the site’s focus toward casual poker players by stopping the kind of data logging that mainly serves to enhance the game of professional, money-driven players.

Bodog’s move to block data gatherers was decided upon as part of a plan to bring the fun back into internet games for recreational poker players. Data gatherers like PokerDB, Shark Scope and Poker Site Scout will, now, no longer be able to create records of player activity, meaning that professional “sharks” cannot easily predict the playing style or behaviour of their opponents. The blocking systems have been implemented alongside a new lobby system with a revised interface and a more user-friendly layout. Bodog next plans to halt operator information sites from accessing its members’ play history as part of a continued effort to ensure that new and recreational players feel safe in sitting down at online tables in their spare time.

Bodog’s effort to stamp out data gatherers is likely to help the site appeal to a broader demographic in the future. Bodog Europe’s Chief Executive Officer, Patrik Selin, told press that he believes data gatherer portals are a threat to the continued existence of online poker and stand only to stop prospective players from trying out internet gaming services.