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Bodog Poker Announces New Tournament Series for 2013

January is looking to be a busy month for Bodog Poker. The popular online poker network has entered into 2013 with a host of new promotions and business plans, including concentration on catering to Asia's poker market and, probably most interesting, the launch of a freshly created tournament series that ties into this effort.

Anonymous Poker Series, the new tournament venture in question, is set to consist of a combination of online and real world qualifying events. These qualifiers will provide amateur poker players with chances to win their way into lucrative online games as well as European and Asian land-based games leading up to the massive Philippines finale (scheduled to take place in 2014 in Manila). In an innovative move, Bodog's tournament series will also feature anonymous tables that are meant to ward off cheating players. This move has been described as a way to gain the trust of the Asian poker market (where providing a safe playing environment is essential to success).

Jonas Odman, the Bodog Poker Network's Managing Director, told press that his company created Anonymous Poker Series in order to "highlight exactly how and why . . . our poker network is the best and safest place for recreational poker players." Anonymous Poker Series will run throughout 2013 before concluding next January with a $100,000 finale set to take place in Manila, Philippines. Partnering poker operators will be revealed in the weeks to come.