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Cryptologic Expand Service to Russian Gaming Sites

Cryptologic has established themselves as perhaps the best software development company currently working in online gaming and, with their decisions to branch out to Russian sites, they’re set to expand on their reputation even further. A partnership with one of the region’s most prominent gambling companies will soon see the developers creating gaming platforms for a large majority of the immense financial market in the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Through a deal with Russian online gambling platform, Kurastica, Cryptologic is about to embark on a business opportunity which should see their name and software become familiar to millions of potential new fans. The agreement has promised Cryptologic exclusive licensing for Kurastica and should see better virtual casinos, poker rooms and further options spreading through Eastern Europe in the near future. Both companies told press that they were excited about the multi-million dollar business agreement. Cryptologic’s CEO and President, Brian Hadfield remarked that they were thrilled to begin to offer work for Kurastica and the population of the CIS in Russia.

Kurastica will begin to release live implementations of Cryptologic’s software beginning in the first quarter of next year. The network has a vast penetration within the area, owning gaming franchises which extend into countries including Armenia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Georgia. A rapidly growing internet economy coupled with such a high population should see the deal result in enormous success for both of the companies involved.