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Dutch Government Still Restricts Gambling in BetFair Case

Parliament in Holland is still hesitant about getting into online gambling markets as demonstrated in a recent case with the giant Casino and Poker client, BetFair. The Dutch government has remained steadfast in their refusal to grant BetFair a gambling license within the nation which is indicative of bigger problems in European trade.

Netherlands Council of State ruling has essentially placed BetFair’s proposal in legal limbo for another two years which shows that the Dutch government plans to stall not only this one company but all similar services from accessing the country as a point of entry toward larger European gambling business. With the European Union’s attempts to fully establish free trade across the continent it is troubling to see Holland stay so resolute on their national gambling monopoly and BetFair’s case can be understood as having implications far beyond a single company’s plea for expansion.

With the regular news of Dutch resistance to open business with many
British online gambling networks, onlookers see a dismal future toward enjoying the economic prosperity offered by a Europe meant to be united past national borders. Popular dissent against this type of legislature is still strong however, meaning that perhaps before too long these rules may need to be revoked before the European Court of Justice looks into the case further in two years time.