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Greater Number of Female Gamblers Now Playing Online

Online gambling has been enjoying a massive boost in popularity during the last few years and part of its success has been in branching out to a demographic usually put off by traditional, brick-and-mortar casinos. With a recent study’s publication it has been found that more female gamblers are logging on to play now than ever before.

The UK’s Gambling Commission conducted research during July of this year and has now come forward with their data. A similar study from last summer revealed nearly identical findings which show that a larger-than-expected percentage of online gamblers are made up of women. The Commission stated that some 8.8 percent of adults in the UK have made use of remote betting within the previous month and that 6.5 percent of British women have gambled online during the same time period (compared to last year’s 6.0 percent). The slight increase found in the above figures can mostly be attributed to the overall growth of the online gambling industry in general but it is still heartening for many observers to note the relatively large number of females making up the sample.

Most chalk up the success of attracting this demographic to the lack of traditional misogyny that many women find to still exist within the mainly male-dominated world of physical casinos and poker halls. With online play and greater anonymity many female players find a greater level of equality and respect than the real world currently offers.