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Happy New Year 2011

Just a quick note to wish all my readers a Happy New Year 2011 and hope that 2011 treats you well.

I hope your Sports Betting, Casino Gambling, Poker Playing and Bingo Winning is on form for 2011!

2010 London Affiliate Conference

Findabet are this week visiting the 2010 London Gaming Affiliate Conference.

The conference is the largest gaming related affiliate conference in Europe and not one to be missed for all web,masters involved with the gaming industry.

We are happy to meet anybody there who is interested in partnering with Findabet so if you are please contact us via our Contact Form.

Happy New Year 2010

Happy New Year!

Just a quick note to wish you all a very Happy New Year for 2010.

I hope your gambling is good for 2010 and wish you every success in what you chose.

I will be writing and updating the sports betting pages for 2010 and take note to add all of the main sporting events for the year of 2010.

Be sure to check out our reviews of the
Top Casinos, Top Bingo, Top Poker, and Top Sports Betting providers for 2010.

MailOnline Reports UK Gambling Addiction on the Rise

MailOnline, one of the best known UK newspapers has recently reported a rise in problem gambling as evidenced by statistics gathered through the betting addiction helpline, Gamcare. With some advocates aiming to strengthen gambling restrictions in reaction it seems that responsible gamblers may soon find themselves moving backward due to overall trends.

The newspaper article suggests that relaxed gambling legislature may be to blame as the figures seem to correlate with the Labour government’s more liberal rules from years past. MailOnline reported numbers which showed a shocking increase in problem gaming as supported by Gamcare’s figures. The statistics in question demonstrate a twenty-five percent increase in individual aid requests through the support hotline during this time period. One of the main issues identified by anti-gambling groups has been the relative ease present in modern gambling through virtual casinos, poker rooms or bingo halls’ ability to gain quick access for any players available. Some gaming opponents have spoken out that problem gambling needs to be stamped out, especially during these times of economic uncertainty and skyrocketing personal debts.

With rising problem gambling becoming an issue it is unclear how a proper solution can be reached. Increases in restrictive legislature do not always equal an appropriate, positive response as past efforts and various national policies suggest. For now, any gambler troubled by their own or someone else’s habit should get in touch with Gamcare to seek aid.

Google Repeals Gambling Advertisement Bans in the UK

Search-engine giant, Google has announced that it will soon be allowing UK gambling ads through its services in a turn against the 2004 global ban against this very practice. By effect of this new effort Google will now be able to support gambling advertisements from registered companies in England, Scotland and Wales.

UK internet users can expect to begin seeing gambling spots through their computers starting early next week as Friday marks the first day of the repeal. Google was able to allow their platform’s advertisement support through a clause which necessitates that every participating company be registered under the Gambling Commission or National Regulator (the latter for those businesses within the European Economic Area). Search-engine advertisements will be filed through Google’s filters. The powerful corporation has revealed that gambling ads will be screened as ‘not family-safe’ and will therefore only show up for users without any filters applied in their settings.

James Cashmore, Google’s entertainment and media leader told press that the decision to change their position on advertising was based on a careful review of their British policies. The repeal will allow premier gambling sites the opportunity to reach a far greater audience than ever before. Gibraltar-based companies who normally lack UK market penetration (such as 888.Com and PartyGaming) will now be able to take advantage of the Google repeal to great effect.

Turkish Gambling Websites Close Down in Droves

The future of online gambling continues to look grim for Turkey as approximately five hundred gaming sites closed today. An increasing internet censorship effort within the nation seeks to close out the possibility of any further betting avenues for its populace.

Turkey, a nation still attempting to join with the European Union, is well known for their harsh legislature regarding online access. The President (and founder) of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatűrk has publicly demonstrated internet censorship which recently went so far as to ban the immensely popular video sharing network, YouTube over a few videos which criticized his leadership.

The government is also actively working to shut down the Superbahis network, a move that generated the most attention when Superbahis' owners, Sportingbet saw two of its employees detained by Turkish police during a vacation stop in the country. It continues to be extremely difficult for any gambling companies to set up internet options within the nation which has so far banned more than eight hundred international websites from being accessed.

It seems fairly hopeless for any Turkish gamblers looking for access to their favourite games online. Although there are still a small number of websites which service Turkey, none of them actually operate within the country for fear of government prosecution.

iMega Association Challenges UIGEA Domain Seizures

The Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association (or iMega) has decided to challenge the legality of the UIGEA’s seizure of several online gambling domains in Kentucky. The United States stance on internet poker, casinos and similar services is still fairly restrictive but the group hopes they can at least defeat some instances of the repression.

iMega essentially seeks to promote freedom in internet access by arguing against website restrictions that seemingly go against the American constitution. The group is currently focusing the majority of their efforts toward online gambling, hoping to come to agreements with legislative bodies that would allow for some form of controlled, real-money internet gaming. Recent UIGEA work has seen iMega challenging the government restriction of some 141 Kentucky-based gambling domains. The protest group sent an appeal to the US Court of Appeals last Thursday regarding this issue after their previous brief was thrown out by the US District Court in Trenton.

Although the foundation behind iMega’s work seeks to use its home nation’s constitution as a constant, underlying basis, headway has been pretty much nonexistent. The group has fought tirelessly against UIGEA legislature since 2006 saw the majority of online gambling sites restricted, forcing internet gamers to retreat from their then illegal pastime. Only time will tell how well iMega is able to do in their current attempt to appeal against the Kentucky domain seizures but global observers remain hopeful that they may be able to open up the American gambling trade in time.

Online Gambling Companies Remain Strong despite Faltering UK Economy

Even in the face of a suffering economy, UK online gambling companies, William Hill, Rank Group and Ladbrokes all managed to actually rise within the London stock trade. The continued success of these corporations has lead economic analysts to suggest that gambling may be one of a small number of businesses able to stay resilient in such conditions.

The early 1990s were the last major time of economic disparity in Great Britain and even then, before the internet’s ascent to mainstream popularity, gambling industries such as bingo halls, casinos and sports betting outlets continued to keep profits high within their sector. Financial analyst Dresdner Kleinwort commented on gambling’s status as a veritable ‘staple diet’ of many people, regardless of their reduced income. This observation certainly fits a climate wherein almost every business but those associated with gaming have suffered significant profit losses. Comparing last decade’s UK to contemporary times surely seems to offer a reinforcement of the very argument put forward by Kleinwort.

This is good news for those intimately associated with either the online or brick-and-mortar gambling industry. Rank (as well as its Mecca bingo halls and Grosvenor casinos), William Hill and Ladbrokes have all witnessed an increase in their trading worth within the last financial quarter rather than any kind of loss.

Indian Online Casino Gets Competitive with Cards

MyPlayWin is a recently launched site from Mumbai-based company, the Pan India Network Infravest and have just announced the launching of new gaming cards which will be used to facilitate easy and enjoyably internet gambling. The group plans to further expand their enterprise by showing the nation just how safe and easy online gambling can be.

The usage of these new cards is projected to increase business at MyPlayWin by at least ten percent in the next year. MyPlayWin’s new system is the creation of Indian media leader, Subhash Chandra (who also launched the nation’s first satellite television company, Zee TV to great success) and aims to increase traffic while stressing safe and extremely functional gaming. Chandra, with the aid of the Essel promotion group, hopes to continue the success captured by providing accessible innovations to those Indian states where gambling is legal.

Pan India Network Infravest Managing Director, Amar Sinha stated that the move into gaming cards as a method of demographic captivation has been prompted by a need to show ordinary people the possibility of large wins. If MyPlayWin is able to fully breach the Indian market, sheer population numbers may skyrocket the site into one of the most popular worldwide.

Paddy Power Earns Recognition through Oggs.Com is a renowned service which only reviews (what they consider to be) the finest of online gambling websites. With the addition of a Paddy Power review, the Irish site has received both a tremendous compliment and the potential for a massive influx of traffic from discerning internet players.

A spokesman from listed a number of Paddy Power’s business and service approaches which helped them reach the decision for inclusion. Among the many positive points listed was Paddy’s attention to responsible gambling. The site enforces a deposit policy that requires players to set their personal restrictions and wait a full week before any changes can be made toward increasing the limit. Paddy Power’s use of the solid, Wagerworks software system along with outstanding customer service also formed significant reasons for their acceptance as an reviewed site.

The process of reviewing a website for addition on can take up to two years due to careful attention regarding quality consistency. Paddy Power was able to complete the addition time quicker than many competitors which is, in itself, a remarkable feat. Paddy offers a wide array of online gambling and bookmaking options through it’s service, including poker, bingo, slots and casino gaming.

LazerWagon Closes Due to Continued Problems

It can be extremely difficult for new websites to compete within the industry of online gambling, a business which is financially successful but also growing more crowded by the day. After only one year of operation, LazerWagon, a multi-faceted betting and gaming service has been forced to close down due to an inability to survive amidst tough rivals and technical issues.

The site offered an ambitious range of services, including sports betting and a casino with live dealers. Problems began to arise with financial processing systems, an issue which decreased traffic and ultimately damaged assets to the point in which continued operation was no longer financially viable. LazerWagon management staff apologized for the closure and detailed the various efforts made by administrators to keep the site alive throughout difficult times. They noted that their youth in the business kept them from being able to rebound from problems that larger, established sites have been able to bounce back from in similar situations. After technical issues cost LazerWagon relationships with affiliates, vendors and users, closure was the only possible option.

Although the casino and bookkeeping client was hoping to stay open for the lucrative fall American football season, no further registrations or transactions are scheduled to take place effective immediately. Any players with accounts at LazerWagon should visit the site immediately to have their remaining balances processed before complete closure takes effect.

Greater Number of Female Gamblers Now Playing Online

Online gambling has been enjoying a massive boost in popularity during the last few years and part of its success has been in branching out to a demographic usually put off by traditional, brick-and-mortar casinos. With a recent study’s publication it has been found that more female gamblers are logging on to play now than ever before.

The UK’s Gambling Commission conducted research during July of this year and has now come forward with their data. A similar study from last summer revealed nearly identical findings which show that a larger-than-expected percentage of online gamblers are made up of women. The Commission stated that some 8.8 percent of adults in the UK have made use of remote betting within the previous month and that 6.5 percent of British women have gambled online during the same time period (compared to last year’s 6.0 percent). The slight increase found in the above figures can mostly be attributed to the overall growth of the online gambling industry in general but it is still heartening for many observers to note the relatively large number of females making up the sample.

Most chalk up the success of attracting this demographic to the lack of traditional misogyny that many women find to still exist within the mainly male-dominated world of physical casinos and poker halls. With online play and greater anonymity many female players find a greater level of equality and respect than the real world currently offers.

London Gambling Clinic Opens Despite Financial Difficulties

As the gambling industry grows it requires a proportionate level of assistance for those individuals lacking in self-control or suffering from addiction caused by the pastime. Despite funding issues, the opening up a Soho, London-based national aid clinic is set to begin early next week for UK gamblers to help address this very issue.

The British Medical Association released figures suggesting that £10 million is required to properly run the support clinic but the £55 billion/year gambling industry has only committed a £3.5 million pledge toward the facility (which necessitates industry support for its very existence). The Soho clinic has released information stating that the funding acquired thus far will only allow for one full year of operation. Past this, the gambling industry will need to supply support that they may be unwilling to provide. The accord requires a certain level of taxation toward the Treasury and the Gambling Commission. In light of this, there may not be enough surplus left over for addiction centers.

With figures reflecting some one in five gamblers reporting ‘problem behaviour’, the UK is in desperate need of social support for those who have succumbed to mounting debt or addictive behavior. New legislature that reflects a fair compromise between businesses and non-profit organizations will have to be reached in order to ensure the health of aid clinics and gamblers alike.

Meeting between US and EU on Online Gambling Regulations Postponed

The much anticipated meeting between American and European officials has been postponed by US delegates just a week before its scheduled date. As the future of the global gambling trade still stands to be determined many observers and businesses are understandably disappointed by further delays in proceedings.

The European Union requested time with American officials so their Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, (UIGEA) passed last October could be discussed in full. The EU currently views the UIGEA as a violation of treaties established by the World Trade Organization (WTO) and seeks a reconstitution of the laws. With the enforcement of the UIGEA many premier European online gambling corporations have seen an immense revenue and market worth loss which makes the Act in high demand for address. The decision of the case will hinge on whether or not EU officials can convince the US that their legal actions circumvent treaties preventing this type of control within the World Trade Organization’s guidelines.

If a change in the UIGEA goes forth it could mean a drastic alteration of international online gambling which will inevitably impact fan’s experience in a big way. Caribbean nation, Antigua and Barbuda was awarded an annual $21 million sum and legal privileges in their dispute with the UIGEA last December but the European decision will most likely become a much larger affair with further reaching impact. A rescheduled meeting has not yet been determined.

Rapid Mobile Media and Gamesys Partner for Cell Phone Gaming

The growing industry of online gambling has been working hard to branch all available markets and with portable gaming the biggest corporations are attempting to create viable methods so that fans can enjoy playing while on the go. The announcement of a partnership between developer, Rapid Mobile Media and publisher, Gamesys is set to further revolutionize the manner by which gamblers play through their cell phones.

Rapid Mobile Media have been able to provide a software platform that can be safely accessed from all cell phones within the service area which means that all sorts of cell phone users can hop into games at their own convenience. Their partnership with the Gamesys Group (whom owns the Jackpotjoy brand, the UK’s leading online bingo/instant win/slots site) has meant that their innovative work will be able to put to good use in the near future. Users are set to enjoy all of the same gameplay that proper websites offer through their cell phones with the quality graphics and easy navigation that players expect.

As data access charges have been decreasing for mobile phone users in recent years accessing online casinos through this platform has become an increasingly viable market for business growth. With the report of this partnership players should expect even better options to come for their phones in the future.

Olympic Company, UK Sport Fights to Prevent British Doping in Beijing

In final preparation for sending off British athletes to the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, UK Sport has announced perhaps the most comprehensive anti-doping testing ever carried out. Through unannounced and rigorous methods the UK is hoping to be able to ensure legitimate competition as national contenders participate in the Games.

A partnership between
UK Sport, the British Olympic Association and the British Paralympic Association has been established in order to send the athletes off clean. The companies have stressed the importance of having true physical ability represented rather than any artificially induced performances especially in light of the role model status that many Olympic competitors enjoy. Tests will be set up sporadically but centered on crucial times when the participants are preparing for events, just about to start or during the mentally intense training period. Both blood and urine testing will be employed by the program with the inevitable goal of providing an international example of a successful anti-doping model.

Part of the program seeks to educate
British athletes by educating them regarding what may constitute doping so no mistakes are made during times of temptation by promising Olympic contenders. Gerry Sutcliffe, Minister for Sport has endorsed the program and commended UK Sport, BOA and BPA for their excellent work toward a drug-clean showing in Beijing.

WorldPay and 192.Com Plan to Implement Major Online ID Checking System

WorldPay represents one of the foremost online payment companies and their recent agreement to partner with anti-fraud software and e-security experts at 192.Com will soon mean even better standards for both gamers and companies involved in online gambling. Among the projects to be taken on by the team, the information surrounding a new ID checking code for internet retailers emerged as the most buzz-worthy.

The first announced project taken on by the new security team has been detailed as a comprehensive ID checking system which will keep website logins quick and simple while providing a tough defense against hackers and fraud artists. The program promises to have no visible effects on the general user experience but will greatly improve existing industry standards when fully adopted. 192. Com’s Marketing Director,
David Pope was pleased with the deal and the recognition his company is enjoying as leaders in the field of ID checking and general electronic security.

WorldPay’s affiliation with the Royal Bank of Scotland give the company a great degree of credibility and financing for their operations and this partnership only goes to show the possibilities allowed by their innovative thinking. As the team gear up to launch their system merchants will soon be able to ensure better internet gaming security than ever before.

Findabet is the GPWA Member Site of the Month

We are happy to announce that Findabet has been awarded the Member Site of the Month, for July, at the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association.

Findabet brings you the best reviews and news from the world of
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We are happy to achieve this award and look forward to many more.

Norwegian Gambling Enjoys Popularity in Spite of Government Restrictions

Although Norway doesn’t condone various, existing gambling methods a recent poll has shown that government restrictions and illegal status doesn’t necessarily equate a lower numbers of players. With approximately €961 million being pumped into the industry and 82.9% of these funds currently diverted to foreign businesses it may be time for the country to take a hard look at their current policies.

Norwegian Gambling Commission polled over ten thousand citizens between the ages of sixteen and seventy-four, coming to statistical evidence that the nation’s gamblers aren’t declining but rather increasing with time. Findings reflected a 6.1% increase on betting practices overall during 2007 and an estimated total of 244,000 online gamblers in Norway. A little less than half of the sample group gambles from within the legal Norwegian Lotto but the rest of the numbers were constituted of players making use of internet casino, poker and sports betters who are essentially betting from outside of national law.

Alongside these findings the Commission also reported that more than half of the phone calls received by the gambling addiction hotline are concerned with
internet poker problems. In light of the survey the Norwegian government is going to have to address current legislature and its failure to provide safe gambling venues for the population.

French Government Moves Toward Controlled Gambling

France has recently began working toward the opening of a controlled market for online gambling including poker rooms, casinos, betting services and various gaming sites. With the new bill being brought before national parliament this fall there could be great changes made and the eventual result of larger reforms in European gambling practices.

Eric Woerth, the French Budget Minister has been drawing up guidelines which would see the awarding of licenses to businesses that adhere to the proposed legislature. Woerth is working closely with Charles McCreevy, European Minister for Internal Market and Services. The pair has been instrumental in developing a realistic bill which would see the nation keeping pace with obvious and popular demand for online gambling. If the movement is passed France will develop a regulatory body with the power to watch over a highly regulated (but legal) market. This liberalized view would likely have a large effect on a more domestically centered gambling business.

If the French
gambling market opens up for business this autumn it will mean a drastic change and a standard being set for other European observers. The industry must hold their breath until a final decision is arrived upon in a few months but for now the changes being suggested by Woerth and McCreevy hold significant hope for the continent’s gamblers.

South African Parliament Regulates Online Gaming

The notoriously crime-plagued gambling industry in South Africa has finally been formally addressed by the country’s parliament in a move that seeks to regulate and profit from the popular practice.

South African officials have long recognized that internet gambling has been an area which attracts money launderers and has even led to terrorism funding. A National Gambling Amendment Bill is now attempting to ratify the situation by more carefully monitoring gaming websites and electronic funds transfers. The committee behind the revised legislature wants to improve the international reputation of South African gambling while stimulating the economy and weeding out the currently prevailing influence of dangerous criminal elements. Aside from this, the National Gambling Amendment Bill proposes programs to stop addictive gambling issues before they begin in order to promote the industry as a potentially benign (and positive) one for the future. The Bill would also require player registration with certified internet gambling providers along with the submission of an age verification affidavit.

The Amendment is still awaiting the final step of an approval signature from
President Thabo Mbeki but once this is carried out South Africa expects to see the national economy’s online gaming revenue increase by more than double its current status. Once the Bill becomes part of official law the South African National Gambling Board will begin enforcement and regulation of the new rules.

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Las Vegas Casino Billionaire backs the UK Conservative Party

The politicians are at it again, this time with a Casino Billionaire!

A FINNISH billionaire who inherited a small fortune from the arms trade and has extensive gambling interests in Las Vegas, USA, has emerged as one of the leader of the Conservative Party, David Cameron’s major financial backers.

Poju Zabludowicz, who lives in London, UK, has donated £70,000 to the Conservative party over the past three years. He is also one of the financial supporters of the Conservative Friends of Israel, which has also given to the party.

Zabludowicz, aged 55, heads the Tamares Group, which has its headquarters in Liechtenstein and has an international property portfolio, which includes a number of hotels and casinos in Las Vegas. Zabludowicz is calculated by The Sunday Times Rich List to be worth more than £2 billion.

Quite an interesting match really. I wonder if the Conservative party came into power the Gambling laws would be relaxed and maybe we would see some of the promised Super Casino's in the UK!

Happy New Year!

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