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Foxy Bingo Present the Encore Edition of Penny Price Crash

Foxy Bingo Present the Encore Edition of Penny Price Crash

After 2009 saw Foxy Bingo enjoy overwhelming success with the company’s foray into the brand new Penny Price Crash option the game format is set to make a comeback as part of the promotional line-up. The success of the reward system comes from the site’s decision to offer considerable cash prizes for gamers who may only be willing to commit a single penny to their play session.

Penny Price games will be available for players to buy into for every single day of the current month, offering the same fun and potential rewards as last month’s option. Foxy Bingo has anted up some £2,500 for every day of the promotion meaning that bingo fans are eligible to win £50 every 10 minutes during the qualifying, two hour gaming period. Aside from the Penny Price Crash games Foxy Bingo has also cooked up a number of 2p buy-in games as part of their Price Bingo Crash series, allowing players to vie for fantastic prizes in either the Five Alive or Foxtrot Fives online bingo rooms.

With a guaranteed £2,500 in cash up for grabs for a miniscule 1p stake every day, Foxy Bingo players are definitely in for a solid month of play. Interested Foxy members and bingo fans in general should head on over to the site for themselves to check out the Penny Price Crash games playing every night in July from 10pm until midnight.