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Foxy Bingo Release Mobile Bingo Client

                Online bingo players will be able to play many of Foxy Bingo's games while on the go now that the popular site has launched its official mobile application. The newly released app was created in partnership with software vendor Dragonfish and translates the desktop client's features to mobile devices.
                The portable version of Foxy Bingo is now available for iPhone, iPad products and Android smartphones and tablets. The application was provided by Dragonfish, the same company responsible for Foxy's browser-based client, and gives bingo fans a wide variety of games that can be enjoyed anywhere they want. The Foxy Bingo app currently features slot games , full chat functionality and 90-ball bingo games and will see 75-ball bingo added to its line-up in the near future. To use the app Foxy Bingo members only need to head to on their phone or tablet and download the program using their existing username and password. To help entice interested players Foxy is also offering a sign-up bonus that gives new users a free £20 after they've deposited £10 to their mobile account (or up to 200% matching on any first-time deposit between £10 and £75).
                Dragonfish's Yaniv Schwartz called the release of the Foxy Bingo mobile app "another step in delivering a great experience to our partners and players" by making exciting gameplay "accessible to [members] anywhere, anytime." The Foxy Bingo mobile application is currently available for download.

Foxy Bingo Wants to Help Its Members to Learn How to Drive

Popular online bingo site, Foxy Bingo, is doing its best to help its site members to learn how to drive through its latest promotion. The new Foxy’ll Fix It contest is geared toward getting bingo-playing motorists the lessons they need to boost their driving abilities through expert assistance furnished by Foxy Bingo itself.

Foxy Bingo is committed to giving its fans a new and improved skill set by rewarding them for taking part in bingo games at their site. The Foxy’ll Fix It promotion has just been launched and will give one British competitor up to 30 hours of driving lessons aimed at getting them more comfortable behind the wheel. The prize is worth more than £800 and is aimed primarily at those players that haven’t yet received their license or taken formal driving lessons. To enter, Foxy members only need to email their stories to [email protected] and hope that their tale will be enough to make them the winner of the contest.

Foxy Bingo members have a great opportunity to get a little more mobile by enjoying £800 worth of expert guidance from a driving instructor from renowned school, BSM. The contest is open now and runs through to 12th December so, if you qualify for the lessons, be sure to email your story before time runs out.

Foxy Bingo Continues Radio Rollover with an £1,000 Prize Up for Grabs

Foxy Bingo’s radio programming this Tuesday evening gives fans of the bingo platform a great reason to pay attention this week. An unclaimed lottery jackpot (worth £500 in cash) has now doubled in value and will be awarded to one lucky person that manages to strike it rich just for paying attention to the bingo website’s radio station.
Listeners are able to tune in to the Tuesday, 6th July broadcast of Foxy Bingo Radio’s evening programming to try to win a fantastic £1,000 prize— with absolutely no cost of entry! Every week Foxy offers up a £500 jackpot on their Tuesday night radio show. Last week the prize wasn’t awarded to any listener which has caused the current rollover and provided this week’s winner with a doubled cash prize. Thursday night will continue the great payouts as it also features another £500 from Foxy Radio.
Foxy Bingo Radio gives its listeners plenty of reasons to tune in. Fridays will now feature a new weekly music request show, beginning at 12.30pm, that makes for a great accompaniment to online, lunchtime play. The Foxy Bingo website, as always, is also packed with great promotions and bingo prizes for players to vie for across the platform’s entire line-up of free games, chat games and traditional bingo options. Visit the site now to take advantage of guaranteed weekly payouts and generous new member deposit bonuses (up to a 200% cash match).

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Foxy Bingo Celebrates Harry Potter Release with New Giveaway

As cinemas across the world pack with excited Harry Potter fans ready to watch the sixth instalment of the beloved book and film franchise Foxy Bingo is out to capitalise on the wizarding frenzy with a special set of promotional offerings.

Foxy Bingo has set up a full week of Potter themed gameplay, offering cheap stakes on sets of entertaining prizes for members of the venerable gaming site. Each day of the week is set up with a full line-up of rewards for fans of the films and books with Wednesday acting as the entirely Harry Potter-centred giveaway.

The pre-purchase game will offer various tiers of magical rewards: a one line win provides the player in question with two tickets to a local cinema for a screening of “The Half-Blood Prince”, a two line win is worth four free tickets and a copy of one of J.K. Rowling’s bestselling novels and a full house win carries the illustrious grand prize of an one night stay in a four-star London hotel for two, paid travel expenses to the city and two free tickets to the new Harry Potter film.

With the rest of the week touting cash jackpot guarantees from £500 to £10,000 (and stakes as low as 5p) there are still plenty of other exciting games to take part in at Foxy Bingo as well. For now however, the Harry Potter mania carrying over to the site is sure to attract plenty of attention.

Foxy Bingo Increase Rooms and Gain a Record

For quite a long time now Foxy Bingo has enjoyed the reputation of hosting great variety and now, with the addition of even more rooms, the gaming platform has clearly marked itself as heads above the rest of the industry in this department. While other services still stand out due to
the sheer level of player traffic they’re able to drum up, Foxy Bingo latest site improvements have more than guaranteed their position in the foreseeable future as the platform offering the largest number of rooms.

While Foxy’s previous standard of rooms was still impressive at 40 available options the addition of even more virtual bingo venues makes the site truly outstanding with a current total of 60 rooms. Foxy Bingo mixes up the fare across the board with varying styles including the traditionally favourite forms of 90- and 75-ball bingo. Combining the potential payouts of all the real-money bingo rooms available adds up to a grand total of £25,000 in guaranteed cash prizes. Coupled with the regular addition of site promos and member rewards, Foxy Bingo players enjoy a great chance at becoming considerably richer just from enjoying regular games of bingo.

Existing fans and
online bingo players in general have responded favourably to Foxy’s continued commitment to excellence. The work done in increasing available rooms and consistently improving promotional material has helped to make Foxy Bingo into one of the best choices currently available within the UK bingo market and a safe bet for any fan of the game.

Foxy Bingo Present the Encore Edition of Penny Price Crash

Foxy Bingo Present the Encore Edition of Penny Price Crash

After 2009 saw Foxy Bingo enjoy overwhelming success with the company’s foray into the brand new Penny Price Crash option the game format is set to make a comeback as part of the promotional line-up. The success of the reward system comes from the site’s decision to offer considerable cash prizes for gamers who may only be willing to commit a single penny to their play session.

Penny Price games will be available for players to buy into for every single day of the current month, offering the same fun and potential rewards as last month’s option. Foxy Bingo has anted up some £2,500 for every day of the promotion meaning that bingo fans are eligible to win £50 every 10 minutes during the qualifying, two hour gaming period. Aside from the Penny Price Crash games Foxy Bingo has also cooked up a number of 2p buy-in games as part of their Price Bingo Crash series, allowing players to vie for fantastic prizes in either the Five Alive or Foxtrot Fives online bingo rooms.

With a guaranteed £2,500 in cash up for grabs for a miniscule 1p stake every day, Foxy Bingo players are definitely in for a solid month of play. Interested Foxy members and bingo fans in general should head on over to the site for themselves to check out the Penny Price Crash games playing every night in July from 10pm until midnight.

Foxy Bingo Searches for Next Dreamboy this Ladies Day

Foxy Bingo Searches for Next Dreamboy this Ladies Day

We’ve already provided details on the big events planned by Foxy Bingo in their effort to celebrate National Ladies Day (June 19
th) but now the network has revealed even larger plans to go toward their party with the announcement of a search for the next addition to the Dreamboys team.

National Ladies Day will heat up even further with the Foxy-sponsored search for the next Dreamboy, providing chances for a hopeful young man and, of course, some extra entertainment for the ladies in attendance on June 19th. Each of the twenty participating Liquid nightclubs will host performances as well as the chance for women in the region to nominate their partner as the next Dreamboy. Three men from each of the included regions of the Ladies Day event will be chosen to participate in the show and perform with the popular group onstage at a Liquid venue.

Foxy Bingo will even be sponsoring one lucky fellow with the opportunity to prove his worth as a Dreamboy and sign on to the group with a twelve month contract. This latest move should help to ensure that Foxy Bingo’s National Ladies Day celebration makes for a fantastic party and an even more successful event. There are chances to win entry to the June party still on at Foxy Bingo along with tickets for sale at the website for between £5 and £7.

Foxy Bingo Spice up Gameplay with Site Revamp

Foxy Bingo Spice up Gameplay with Site Revamp

Members of the massively popular Foxy Bingo are in for a treat with the company’s announcement of revamped (and totally new) games on offer at the site. The addition of even more prize-guaranteed bingo rooms comes to the network alongside revamped daily, weekly and monthly events, promising fans even better times with their
favourite bingo destination.

A lot of great new changes have already been instituted at Foxy Bingo gaming service beginning with the daily guarantees set each night of the week. Monday through Sunday will now feature regular gaming with cash awards ranging from a £500 guarantee for a stake of only 5p (on Sundays) to a massive £10,000 guarantee with the priciest stakes of the lot: £1 (on Saturdays). The last Friday of every month will also be hosting a £25,000 guaranteed bingo game as every Wednesday of the week is updated to become ‘prize day’, awarding one of three available iPods to winners based on the terms of their success (one line wins provide an iPod Shuffle, two line wins an iPod Nano and Full House Wins an iPod Touch).

There are innumerable changes to the revamped version of Foxy Bingo, all working toward making the site into the best possible choice for
online bingo fans playing with the aim to win big cash prizes from their pastime. The dedication to improvement at Foxy Bingo is definitely a boon to fans of the site and makes it an excellent time to be a member of the virtual hall.

Foxy Bingo to Sponsor National Ladies Day

Foxy Bingo to Sponsor National Ladies Day

Foxy Bingo is a favourite online destination for many British women and the site plans to recognize this vast bingo demographic by sponsoring events linked to the
UK National
Ladies Day
. Through a partnership with Dreamboys, this June 19th is set to be even more special than usual for lucky bingo players.

The summer event is designed to take place throughout the entirety of Great Britain’s Liquid and Oceana nightclubs, available to the general public for a price or for winners (for free) at special Foxy Bingo games. Members of the site can compete to gain access to the Dreamboys-attended dance club extravaganza through 5p tickets to the Sunnie Day room. The prize is available daily (at 1pm, 8pm, 9pm and 10pm GMT) and rewards players with £25 and a ticket if they are able to score a bingo on the “Dancing Queen” pattern.

Ticket holders will be able to head to their nearest Liquid or Oceana club for a celebration of Ladies Day featuring Dreamboys in a live show. Dancing and a chance to catch a photo with a Dreamboy will all take place next to a club sponsored bingo game too. National Ladies Day tickets and special games have already started so, if you’re interested in the special Foxy Bingo prizes, it’s a good idea to log on now to take a shot.

Foxy Bingo Named ‘Britain’s Biggest Brand

Foxy Bingo Named ‘Britain’s Biggest Brand

Immensely popular online bingo network, Foxy Bingo, has received the prestigious title of
“Britain’s Biggest Brand” this week in recognition of its continued success in the internet gaming industry. Many residents of the UK are now familiar with the Foxy Bingo brand to the point where it has truly become a mainstream business, a phenomenon now recognized by this newest addition to the bingo site’s impressive resume.

The accolade was provided by Marketing magazine, a British trade journal that specializes in following the business trends of various United Kingdom based companies. Marketing journalists routinely examine various factors to arrive at their ranking of the biggest brands in the nation, gathering information on advertising reach, sponsorship funding and more. Foxy Bingo’s parent company, Cashcade, were thrilled to receive the published acknowledgement of their work, seeing their place as the #1 Ad Watch company during the time period as a massive achievement. The bridging of Foxy into common recognition also makes the bingo website into a substantial threat for other large competitors within the industry, including competitors, Mecca Bingo.

Foxy Bingo placed directly ahead of COI Frank with an impressive sixty-eight percent market reach. The internet gaming site also beat out familiar brands including Pizza Hut, Walkers Crisps, the Co-Operative Bank and Diet Coke. Foxy Bingo won the title of “Britain’s Biggest Brand” for the business week of March 23rd to March 28th.

Foxy Bingo Kicks Off 2009 with Las Vegas Promotion

Foxy Bingo has always maintained a solid variety of promotional games for users to compete within and their recent announcement regarding a series of upcoming prizes proves that this year will be no different. Among the forthcoming events, Foxy Bingo is offering Nintendo Wii and Panasonic TV giveaways as well as the usual cash jackpots. Perhaps most exciting however is the announcement of a Las Vegas prize currently underway at the site.

Winners will receive a generous travel package from Foxy Bingo which is set to send a lucky bingo fan (and one guest of their choosing) on their way to Las Vegas, Nevada where they will be set up in style at the MGM Grand hotel for five nights in the heart of the gambling centre of the world. Players will need to watch out for an “Aeroplane” pattern which will sporadically pop up across all of Foxy Bingo’s 75-ball games during the contest period. Each bingo win within a game displaying the accompanying pattern will allow entry into the Vegas prize draw.

The series of Las Vegas prize games will wrap up by Tuesday, January 13th (with the final draw being made on Wednesday the 14th) so interested players should head over to Foxy now to enter into the action before it’s too late.