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Foxy Bingo Spice up Gameplay with Site Revamp

Foxy Bingo Spice up Gameplay with Site Revamp

Members of the massively popular Foxy Bingo are in for a treat with the company’s announcement of revamped (and totally new) games on offer at the site. The addition of even more prize-guaranteed bingo rooms comes to the network alongside revamped daily, weekly and monthly events, promising fans even better times with their
favourite bingo destination.

A lot of great new changes have already been instituted at Foxy Bingo gaming service beginning with the daily guarantees set each night of the week. Monday through Sunday will now feature regular gaming with cash awards ranging from a £500 guarantee for a stake of only 5p (on Sundays) to a massive £10,000 guarantee with the priciest stakes of the lot: £1 (on Saturdays). The last Friday of every month will also be hosting a £25,000 guaranteed bingo game as every Wednesday of the week is updated to become ‘prize day’, awarding one of three available iPods to winners based on the terms of their success (one line wins provide an iPod Shuffle, two line wins an iPod Nano and Full House Wins an iPod Touch).

There are innumerable changes to the revamped version of Foxy Bingo, all working toward making the site into the best possible choice for
online bingo fans playing with the aim to win big cash prizes from their pastime. The dedication to improvement at Foxy Bingo is definitely a boon to fans of the site and makes it an excellent time to be a member of the virtual hall.