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French Government Moves Toward Controlled Gambling

France has recently began working toward the opening of a controlled market for online gambling including poker rooms, casinos, betting services and various gaming sites. With the new bill being brought before national parliament this fall there could be great changes made and the eventual result of larger reforms in European gambling practices.

Eric Woerth, the French Budget Minister has been drawing up guidelines which would see the awarding of licenses to businesses that adhere to the proposed legislature. Woerth is working closely with Charles McCreevy, European Minister for Internal Market and Services. The pair has been instrumental in developing a realistic bill which would see the nation keeping pace with obvious and popular demand for online gambling. If the movement is passed France will develop a regulatory body with the power to watch over a highly regulated (but legal) market. This liberalized view would likely have a large effect on a more domestically centered gambling business.

If the French
gambling market opens up for business this autumn it will mean a drastic change and a standard being set for other European observers. The industry must hold their breath until a final decision is arrived upon in a few months but for now the changes being suggested by Woerth and McCreevy hold significant hope for the continent’s gamblers.