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Genting International Readies the Launch of Online Service

The corporation behind the largest physical casino network in the UK, Genting International has finally announced plans to launch an online version of their services in order to stay competitive with fellow industry leaders. Genting’s upcoming CircusCasino is set to shake up the business by a heavily financed and well-managed new entry.

Genting International’s Managing Director, Justin Tan described the move as a strategic one which is no surprise considering that modern casino players are as drawn to their computers as any land-based business. The project will be headed up by Genting Stanley Alderney Ltd. and can be expected to offer a service that many existing fans will find desirable. Combining brand-based trust with storied years of experience in the physical casino industry, Genting International may have a hit on their hands by the time CircusCasino is fully ready for launch. The website directors have stated a dedication toward providing a service which seeks to emulate the fun and excitement of brick-and-mortar casino play from the comfort of home.

An online iteration of their service seemed inevitable and industry observers will be interested to watch exactly how well
Genting manages to make the transition. Considering that the company owns forty-four clubs across Great Britain (including many esteemed brands and upper-class venues) there should be no shortage of finances put toward making CircusCasino a major internet player.