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Google Repeals Gambling Advertisement Bans in the UK

Search-engine giant, Google has announced that it will soon be allowing UK gambling ads through its services in a turn against the 2004 global ban against this very practice. By effect of this new effort Google will now be able to support gambling advertisements from registered companies in England, Scotland and Wales.

UK internet users can expect to begin seeing gambling spots through their computers starting early next week as Friday marks the first day of the repeal. Google was able to allow their platform’s advertisement support through a clause which necessitates that every participating company be registered under the Gambling Commission or National Regulator (the latter for those businesses within the European Economic Area). Search-engine advertisements will be filed through Google’s filters. The powerful corporation has revealed that gambling ads will be screened as ‘not family-safe’ and will therefore only show up for users without any filters applied in their settings.

James Cashmore, Google’s entertainment and media leader told press that the decision to change their position on advertising was based on a careful review of their British policies. The repeal will allow premier gambling sites the opportunity to reach a far greater audience than ever before. Gibraltar-based companies who normally lack UK market penetration (such as 888.Com and PartyGaming) will now be able to take advantage of the Google repeal to great effect.