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Bad News for Dutch Gamblers Continues as Holland Issues Crackdown

This week the Dutch Ministry of Justice has issued a continuation of Holland’s war against online gambling by proclaiming a bigger and more serious effort to stop the practice than ever before. The national stance on gambling has always been strict and instead of accepting public noncompliance, the country has decided to tackle the issue with even more enthusiasm than in the past.

fifty online services have been targeted by the Ministry in initial action and several Dutch banks have been contacted with orders to cease business in attempts to stop the flow of money gambling. Without a permit, many online casinos will continue to face financial restrictions in the near future. Holland has decided to focus efforts by not only targeting national banks as the root of the problem but also compiling files on offending companies so that legal prosecution can be considered later on.

It continues to be a grim time for
Dutch gamblers as Holland seems to have decided to not only continue but actually increase penal action toward their anti-gambling laws. With this most recent action the business of online casinos and sports betting services will no doubt continue to dwindle, forcing Dutch citizens to limit their gambling options even further in the future.