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iMega Association Challenges UIGEA Domain Seizures

The Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association (or iMega) has decided to challenge the legality of the UIGEA’s seizure of several online gambling domains in Kentucky. The United States stance on internet poker, casinos and similar services is still fairly restrictive but the group hopes they can at least defeat some instances of the repression.

iMega essentially seeks to promote freedom in internet access by arguing against website restrictions that seemingly go against the American constitution. The group is currently focusing the majority of their efforts toward online gambling, hoping to come to agreements with legislative bodies that would allow for some form of controlled, real-money internet gaming. Recent UIGEA work has seen iMega challenging the government restriction of some 141 Kentucky-based gambling domains. The protest group sent an appeal to the US Court of Appeals last Thursday regarding this issue after their previous brief was thrown out by the US District Court in Trenton.

Although the foundation behind iMega’s work seeks to use its home nation’s constitution as a constant, underlying basis, headway has been pretty much nonexistent. The group has fought tirelessly against UIGEA legislature since 2006 saw the majority of online gambling sites restricted, forcing internet gamers to retreat from their then illegal pastime. Only time will tell how well iMega is able to do in their current attempt to appeal against the Kentucky domain seizures but global observers remain hopeful that they may be able to open up the American gambling trade in time.