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LazerWagon Closes Due to Continued Problems

It can be extremely difficult for new websites to compete within the industry of online gambling, a business which is financially successful but also growing more crowded by the day. After only one year of operation, LazerWagon, a multi-faceted betting and gaming service has been forced to close down due to an inability to survive amidst tough rivals and technical issues.

The site offered an ambitious range of services, including sports betting and a casino with live dealers. Problems began to arise with financial processing systems, an issue which decreased traffic and ultimately damaged assets to the point in which continued operation was no longer financially viable. LazerWagon management staff apologized for the closure and detailed the various efforts made by administrators to keep the site alive throughout difficult times. They noted that their youth in the business kept them from being able to rebound from problems that larger, established sites have been able to bounce back from in similar situations. After technical issues cost LazerWagon relationships with affiliates, vendors and users, closure was the only possible option.

Although the casino and bookkeeping client was hoping to stay open for the lucrative fall American football season, no further registrations or transactions are scheduled to take place effective immediately. Any players with accounts at LazerWagon should visit the site immediately to have their remaining balances processed before complete closure takes effect.