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MailOnline Reports UK Gambling Addiction on the Rise

MailOnline, one of the best known UK newspapers has recently reported a rise in problem gambling as evidenced by statistics gathered through the betting addiction helpline, Gamcare. With some advocates aiming to strengthen gambling restrictions in reaction it seems that responsible gamblers may soon find themselves moving backward due to overall trends.

The newspaper article suggests that relaxed gambling legislature may be to blame as the figures seem to correlate with the Labour government’s more liberal rules from years past. MailOnline reported numbers which showed a shocking increase in problem gaming as supported by Gamcare’s figures. The statistics in question demonstrate a twenty-five percent increase in individual aid requests through the support hotline during this time period. One of the main issues identified by anti-gambling groups has been the relative ease present in modern gambling through virtual casinos, poker rooms or bingo halls’ ability to gain quick access for any players available. Some gaming opponents have spoken out that problem gambling needs to be stamped out, especially during these times of economic uncertainty and skyrocketing personal debts.

With rising problem gambling becoming an issue it is unclear how a proper solution can be reached. Increases in restrictive legislature do not always equal an appropriate, positive response as past efforts and various national policies suggest. For now, any gambler troubled by their own or someone else’s habit should get in touch with Gamcare to seek aid.