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MGM to Cash in On Poker Popularity with ‘Deal

Given the massive (and constantly growing) fan base of poker it seems only natural that Hollywood would address the craze with films based on the game. The newest James Bond film, ‘Casino Royale’ came close but wasn’t as concerned with the cards themselves as other elements of action and last month’s release of ‘21’, a story based on MIT card counters was immensely popular even though its casino setting was centered around the game of blackjack.

MGM Studios have recently announced a new poker-based feature entitled ‘Deal’ with Shannon Elizabeth, Burt Reynolds and Bret Harrison set to star. Aside from the cast of mainstream actors the film is projected to supply cameo appearances of real-life poker players such as Phil Laak, Chris Moneymaker, Joe Hachem and Vincent Van Patten in an effort to provide something special for the dedicated poker followers sure to make up a large part of the audience.

With the announcement of ‘Deal’ and the great success of ‘21’ expect for a large number of poker-themed blockbusters and primetime television series across the world. As new fans flock to the game every day there is sure to be significant demand for film makers to supply stories based on their favourite pastime.