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Paddy Power Poker Members Receive New Loyalty Program

Paddy Power Poker members are set to receive better, more personalized rewards now that the site has decided to overhaul its loyalty program. The revamped system has been designed to provide players of all skill levels with fantastic rewards and continuous play incentives.

The biggest change in Paddy Power’s loyalty reward is the introduction of tiered “Paddy’s Power Rewards” levels. These levels (Power One to Power Four, Max Power and Max+ Power) filter players based on the amount of time they’ve spent playing online poker — and the number of Power Points they’ve accumulated — during a given month. This new system allows site members to enjoy competition in tournaments designed to appeal to their particular skill level and commitment to the game, every tier receiving access to special events, but higher level players being offered invites to the highest-stakes, biggest-reward tournaments. As part of the redesign, Paddy Power also shook up its Rewards Shop, creating a series of prizes suitable for any type of player (ranging from cash bonuses and hooded sweaters to iPad3s, luxury vacations and even Lamborghinis).

A statement released by Paddy Power Poker detailed the changes to its loyalty program, describing how the company has “revamped, remodeled and rebooted [its] rewards program to reflect the real needs and wants of [its] regular players” and decided to reinforce the idea that customer [loyalty] means lots of ways to score great prizes, free cash and brilliant bonuses.” The updated loyalty program is already live and Paddy Power Poker is celebrating by providing players with double points until Wednesday, May 2nd.