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Paddy Power Poker Releases Full Schedule for the 2013 Irish Winter Festival

                It won't be long before Paddy Power Poker's Irish Winter Festival (IWF) returns. Fortunately, the online poker network has just released a final version of the schedule for the rapidly approaching event that provides plenty of information on what players and spectators can expect.
                The 2013 IWF sports a line up of seven events and is filled with the level of variety that has come to define the series. Aside from a lucrative main event, a special two-day mini event (with a €225 buy-in) and even a few rounds of beer pong, probably the most exciting — and strange — feature of this year's IWF is a brand new, €55 buy-in tournament called Crazy Pineapple. Crazy Pineapple is a poker variant that increases the excitement of what is otherwise a fairly typical event by giving every competitor three hole cards to play. After the flop one of these cards must be discarded. These extra factors introduce a new level of strategy to the game and should lead to some real surprises as its public premier plays out in a tournament setting.
                A statement from Paddy Power Poker called the IWF the "one event [the company] looks forward to every year" due to the fact that "there is always something a bit whacky to get involved in." The 2013 Irish Winter Festival will take place at Dublin, Ireland's Burlington Hotel from Friday, 25th October to Monday, 28th October, 2013. The series will conclude with a €1,125 buy-in no limit hold'em main event.

Paddy Power Poker Becomes UK News Betting Sponsor, Expands Into America

                Online gaming network, Paddy Power Poker, has just announced a number of business decisions that will see the company moving in exciting new directions. These include new advertising deals and an effort to gain operating licenses in American markets.
                First of the new moves is a partnership between Paddy Power Poker and one of the United Kingdom's top news providers. The online gaming network has signed on as a sponsor for News UK's Premier League content and will soon be able to place betting advertisements within mobile news apps for the Sunday Times, The Sun and The Times. For a total of three seasons, Paddy Power will enjoy the ability to spread awareness of its brand through one of the nation's most highly visited football news sources. Tom Wyse, Paddy Power Poker's Head of Media, attributed the partnership to the fact that "football plays a huge part in both [News UK and Paddy Power's] businesses."
                Paddy Power Poker has also begun the process of expanding its business in the United States. The company recently told press that it has made the preliminary move of applying for a New Jersey gaming license. Speaking of the decision to broaden its American market share, Paddy Power's Communications Director said that the gambling site is currently positioning itself in order to "make sure that we're in place and ready" if further opportunities to increase its presence in the United States arise.

Paddy Power Poker Offers Irish Winter Festival 2013 Satellites

                Paddy Power Poker's Irish Winter Festival 2013 may seem a long way off, but the Irish poker network is already busy helping its members prepare for the live autumn event with over €5,000 in prize packages that provide buy-ins to the Dublin-based competition.
                Those who hope to win their way into the Winter Festival can compete in regular promotional events hosted by Paddy Power that reward buy-in prize packages. Satellites are currently featured every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Tuesday qualifiers sport a €66 buy-in while Thursday nights ask players for €22. Both weekday satellites are no-limit hold 'em competitions that reward winners with seats to the Irish Winter Festival. The Sunday night satellites are €130 no-limit hold 'em freezouts that provide seats to the Festival as part of their prize packages (valued at €1,700). Paddy Power has also rounded up their offering by kicking off another Cheap Seats promo that will award two seats with each week's grand final.
                A statement from Paddy Power Poker called the satellite promotion a great way to "get your seat early" and then "relax for the summer knowing you're guaranteed a place in the most fun poker festival around." Paddy Power Poker's Irish Winter Festival 2013 will run from 25th to 28th October, 2013 at Dublin's Burlington Hotel. The Festival will feature a variety of side events, the Six Survivors promotion (which awards top players with entry to the 2014 Festival) and a €1,125 buy-in no-limit hold 'em freezout main event.

Irish Open Mini Main Event Seats Available Through Paddy Power Poker Satellites

                With the 2013 edition of the Irish Open fast approaching poker players interested in attending should be ready to take advantage of any opportunity to make their way to the competition. Luckily, Paddy Power Poker has just announced a way for talented site members to win their way into the Irish Open Mini Main Event.
                Paddy Power's Irish Open Mini Main Event promotion provides players with a series of qualifiers that award entry to the upcoming events. The satellites consist of no-limit hold 'em rebuy/add on games that allow competitors to test their skill against others through a €11 buy-in. These satellites are scheduled to take place at 8 'o clock PM each Tuesday throughout the month of March. Winners will receive a prize package that gives them entry to the Irish Open Mini Main Event, a tournament that takes place over two days at Dublin's Burlington Hotel and requires a €225 fee for those who opt to buy-in directly. The Mini Main Event, one of the Irish Open's 11 side events, sees competitors start out with 10,000 in chips and will maintain a fast pace through a half hour clock.
                A statement from Paddy Power Poker predicted that "the Irish Open Mini Main Event is likely to be one of the most popular tournaments at the festival" due to its "great structure, affordable buy-in" and the fact that it takes place during the holidays. The Irish Open Mini Main Event kicks off on 31st March, 2013. Paddy Power Poker satellites have already begun.

Paddy Power Poker Provides Full Year Leaderboard Battle

Frequent online poker players now have the chance to take home part of the $100,000 prize pool just made available by Paddy Power Poker as part of Paddy's Tournament Championship Leaderboard Battle, its latest promotional series.

Paddy's Tournament Championship is tailored toward Paddy Power Poker members who regularly play at sit-and-go competitions and multi-table tournaments. Those who compete in these types of games will be ranked on a weekly basis, their performance from the last seven days determining their leaderboard position. Each of the top thirty players will receive a cash reward with the top one hundred taking home a handful of extra leaderboard points for the month. The highest ranked competitor on the weekly leaderboards will be awarded with $100. Monthly editions of the new leaderboard battles will provide the top player with $500, the best 75 with a share of $2,000 and the highest 150 members with yearly leaderboard points. The ultimate form of Paddy's Tournament Championship, the yearly leaderboard, is set to give out $50,000 in cash, Champion Rewards and more. The most skilled player of the year will also be provided with a 2014 Irish Open prize package valued at $6,000.

The official statement released by Paddy Power Poker said that Paddy's Tournament Championship should appeal to its members as "poker players are a very competitive bunch" who will be eager to compete for $100,000 in total cash prizes. The Leaderboard Battle has already begun and is set to continue for the rest of the year.

Paddy Power Poker Adds Extra Irish Open 2013 Prize Packages

Paddy Power Poker players who are eager to take part in next spring's Irish Open 2013 tournament are being given more chances to win their way into the series.

Until now Paddy Power Poker has been offering up three Irish Open 2013 prize packages each week. A great fan reception has led the online poker network to increase the excitement surrounding the satellites, though, and now four packages will be handed out every Sunday evening. These prize packages consist of transportation money (worth €525), a five night stay at Dublin's Burlington Hotel (a €395 value) and, of course, a seat at the Irish Open's main event. Players can buy into the satellites directly for €176. This buy-in also includes access to the Sole Survivor promotion running alongside the qualifiers, an event that provides competitors who hold out the longest in each night's satellite with main event seats for the Irish Open 2014 and World Series of Poker 2013 as well as €50,000 in cash.

Paddy Power Poker explained that increasing the scale of its Irish Open 2013 satellites was due to "the appetite players have to take part" in the series — something attributed to this year's reduced buy-in costs and the addition of the Sole Survivor promo. The Irish Open is one of Europe's longest running tournament series and is scheduled to take place at Dublin, Ireland's Burlington Hotel from 29th March through until 1st April, 2013.

Paddy Power Poker Outlines Student Masters 2013 and Offers Freerolls

Players interested in taking part in next spring's Student Masters 2013 tournament series are now being given a shot at entering without having to break the bank. Paddy Power Poker, always eager to promote Irish events, will be offering freerolls that reward winners with entry to the Dublin-based series.
                From the end of this October through to the last Sunday of February, 2013, Paddy Power Poker will be offering weekly freeroll tournaments that give both the winners and runner-ups a seat at the main event of Student Masters 2013. Competitors who finish between 3rd and 11th place will also receive tokens for an additional weekly satellite that awards a seat. If that wasn't enough, Mondays will see Paddy providing €5.50 buy-in no limit hold 'em re-buy satellites and Wednesday €1.10 re-buy feeder freezouts with main event seats up for grabs. Direct buy-ins to the main event are set at €110 and are only available to players over 18 years old who hold an applicable student I.D. card. Aside from the bragging rights and cash prizes available to Student Masters' players, a main event seat at 2013 Irish Open will also be given to winners, complements of Paddy Power Poker.
                Student Masters 2013's €110 buy-in no limit hold 'em freezout will take place over two days in Dublin's Ballsbridge Hotel and Jackpot Casino on 2nd/3rd March, 2013. Paddy Power Poker has worked with the hotel to offer special rates as well, something that is sure to help the starving students its catering to with the event.

Paddy Power Poker Provides Details for Its Upcoming Irish Winter Festival

The autumn months are usually pretty slow ones for poker players, but this year Paddy Power Poker hopes to change this trend with its Irish Winter Festival 2012. The tournament series (named Winter Festival despite it taking place in October) will run for four days and give competitors plenty of great events to compete in.

The 2012 edition of Irish Winter Festival will be hosted at Dublin’s Burlington Hotel and begins on 26th October with a €115 buy-in no limit hold ‘em re-buy satellite tournament. Winners will receive 35 of the 40 seats on offer for the three day long main event kicking off on the following day. The main event begins on 27th October, featuring a €1,125 buy-in for those who haven’t already won their seats. The same day will host a six-handed no limit hold ‘em freezeout (€135 buy-in) in the afternoon and a turbo variation later in the evening (€55 buy-in). The following day comes with a two day no limit hold ‘em freezeout (€335 buy-in), a two day pot limit Omaha tournament (€225 buy-in) and a doubles no limit hold’ em competition (€55 buy-in per person). The last day of the Festival (29th October) will see the conclusion of the multi-day events along with another no limit hold ‘em freezeout (€115 buy-in) and the €115 Irish Mythical Championship.

To make it easier for Paddy Power Poker members to get involved with the Festival, the site is offering weekly, Sunday night super satellites that award talented players with entry to the series’ main event.

Paddy Power Poker Catches Football Fever with the Euro 2012 €10,000 Goal Predictor Promo

The 2012 UEFA European Football Championship (Euro 212) has captured the attention of much of the world and smart online gaming providers have launched promotions meant to capitalize on the excitement. Paddy Power Poker, taking advantage of Europe’s football fever, has just launched a brand new game meant to bring some of the fun of Euro 2012 to their internet poker site.

Paddy’s Euro 2012 €10,000 Goal Predictor promotion takes the form of a leaderboard race where fans of this month’s ongoing football tournament can attempt to predict the outcome of the games in Poland and Ukraine from the comfort of their own homes. Paddy Power Poker players earn points for every time they’re able to accurately predict goals before a given Euro 2012 game. The most points are awarded when the prediction is correct, but Paddy will also provide players with some points simply for making a guess at all. Bonuses will be applied to the participants’ banked points throughout the tournament and the winner will receive €3,000 and a signed shirt. The runner-up will be given €2,000 and an official match ball while third place takes home €1,000. Lesser cash prizes will also be available in amounts ranging from €500 to €100. Daily cash prizes and other limited bonuses will be made available as the promotion goes on throughout the month.

A statement from Paddy Power Poker described how the Euro 2012 €10,000 Goal Predictor was conceived in an attempt to “liven [this month] up” with a promo where every member is able to “put their soccer prediction skills to the test.

Paddy Power Poker Members Receive New Loyalty Program

Paddy Power Poker members are set to receive better, more personalized rewards now that the site has decided to overhaul its loyalty program. The revamped system has been designed to provide players of all skill levels with fantastic rewards and continuous play incentives.

The biggest change in Paddy Power’s loyalty reward is the introduction of tiered “Paddy’s Power Rewards” levels. These levels (Power One to Power Four, Max Power and Max+ Power) filter players based on the amount of time they’ve spent playing online poker — and the number of Power Points they’ve accumulated — during a given month. This new system allows site members to enjoy competition in tournaments designed to appeal to their particular skill level and commitment to the game, every tier receiving access to special events, but higher level players being offered invites to the highest-stakes, biggest-reward tournaments. As part of the redesign, Paddy Power also shook up its Rewards Shop, creating a series of prizes suitable for any type of player (ranging from cash bonuses and hooded sweaters to iPad3s, luxury vacations and even Lamborghinis).

A statement released by Paddy Power Poker detailed the changes to its loyalty program, describing how the company has “revamped, remodeled and rebooted [its] rewards program to reflect the real needs and wants of [its] regular players” and decided to reinforce the idea that customer [loyalty] means lots of ways to score great prizes, free cash and brilliant bonuses.” The updated loyalty program is already live and Paddy Power Poker is celebrating by providing players with double points until Wednesday, May 2nd.

Paddy Power Poker Launches Irish Open 2012 Mega Satellite

Paddy Power Poker continues to help promote the rapidly approaching Irish Open 2012 with satellite tournaments designed to provide the site’s most talented members with access to the real-world event. The company’s latest effort takes the form of a massive qualifier that comes complete with lavish prize packages and, of course, seats to the Irish Open.

The enormous no-limit hold’em freezout satellite will take place on Sunday, 18th March and feature a €320 buy-in. For players with less money to spare, Paddy Power has created a number of feeder tournaments that will also provide entry to the main satellite without requiring as much of a financial commitment. Satellite winners will receive a seat at the Irish Open’s main event (a prize worth €3500 on its own) as well as €655 in cash and accommodations at The Burlington Hotel for five nights. If that isn’t enough, those who qualify will be given access to Paddy’s Sole Survivor, the chance to take home extra prize money and a €100,000 cash reward as well.

Patrick “Paddy” Power himself released a statement to the press that detailed the qualifier, touting it as “your best chance to qualify for the prestigious Irish Open 2012” and, considering the scope of the prize and exclusivity of the event, he doesn’t seem to be exaggerating. Irish Open 2012 will be held at The Burlington Hotel in Dublin, Ireland from 6th to 9th April, 2012.

Paddy Power Poker Launches Cheap Seats Promotion

Paddy Power Poker continues to help promote the much anticipated Irish Open 2012 by providing great ways for its fans to attend the event itself. The newest promotion, Cheap Seats, will consist of a set of tournaments with low buy-ins and fantastic prize packages.
                Cheap Seats is scheduled to take place as a pair of reoccurring nightly tournaments that will reward the best competitors with seats into the Irish Open 2012. Both of the daily tournaments are set to have €4 buy-ins and will be no-limit hold ‘em style with re-buys allowed. Each night of the promotion will see Cheap Seats tournaments taking place in the evening (at 7.30pm and 9.30pm), offering two opportunities for eager players to gain entry to the Irish Open. The aforementioned prize packages will provide seats at the Irish Open 2012 grand finals — a prize worth some €3,500 and unavailable through direct buy-in.
                Paddy Power Poker, impressed with the popularity of last year’s Cheap Seats promotion, decided to bring them back for 2012. A statement detailing the special tournaments described Paddy Power’s goal of making “it possible for the more casual poker player to win a seat into one of the most prestigious poker tournaments in Europe.” For competitors hoping to grab a lucky break in the world of professional poker Cheap Seats is not to be missed.

Paddy Power Poker Hosts Irish Open 2012 Qualifiers

Paddy Power Poker continues to promote the upcoming Irish Open 2012 with great events that look to give its members entry to the series. Its new online qualifiers will allow some of the best players to win their way into the venerable series, regardless of the size of their bankroll.

The Irish Open 2012 is fast approaching and Paddy Power Poker members interested in competing should take note of the site’s qualifiers. Weekly online qualifiers are now set to take place each Monday night with buy-ins set at €27.50. These events will take the form of no-limit hold’em re-buy games that provide each winner with a fantastic prize package. Paddy Power’s Irish Open packages are valued at €3,500 and come with access to the 2012 series and the opportunity to compete in its $100,000 Sole Survivor endurance games. If that wasn’t enough, the first edition of the weekly qualifier also gave its winner a €550 seat into Thursday, 8th December’s Irish Christmas Poker Festival at Cork’s Macau Poker Club.

Paddy Power Poker’s Irish Open 2012 qualifiers opened on Monday, 5th December and will continue to be offered for the foreseeable future. Paddy Power Poker’s press release spoke of the company’s desire to continue its tradition of “[offering] a variety of Irish Open satellites to suit all types of pockets” and encouraged its members by mentioning how last year’s “champion Niall Smyth was new to the poker scene and went on to win €650,000 in the Irish Open.” The Irish Open 2012 will take place next April.

Paddy Power Launches 2011 WSOP Promotion to Support Eoghan O’Dea

Paddy Power Poker has always sought to celebrate Ireland, its base of operations, through special promotions and the recognition of noted Irish players. The internet poker company looks to continue this trend now by giving its players the opportunity to show their support for one of the country’s young, rising stars: Eoghan O’Dea.

O’Dea is fast becoming a poker player worth watching and, of course, he hasn’t escaped Paddy Power Poker’s notice. Having recently signed a sponsorship deal with Paddy Power, O’Dea is now getting ready to prove himself at the 2011 World Series of Poker (WSOP) finals in Las Vegas, Nevada and the site wants to help send nine of its members to the event to cheer him on. The promotion, called November 9ers, will run for seven consecutive weeks of $215 buy-in no-limit hold’em freeze out super satellites, beginning this week and awarding every one of the winners with a fantastic prize package. Paddy Power members can get into one of the satellites by competing in daily competitions or holding out for a (not yet dated) sit and go race or “casino challenge” that will reward two more packages. The nine winners will be provided with a full week of accommodations at Las Vegas’ Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino, $1,000 in cash, entry to the WSOP main event and free airfare.

Paddy Power Poker described November 9ers as “[the] trip of a lifetime” and a great way to congratulate Eoghan O’Dea, “an inspirational young Irish player . . . who has done us all proud.”

Paddy Power Poker Announces Upcoming Green Card Promotion

Paddy Power Poker has embraced the excitement of the summer poker season with a brand new promotion aimed at giving back to its most loyal fans. The forthcoming Green Card promotion will start at the beginning of next month and carry on into the fall, giving site members plenty of reasons to compete at Paddy’s virtual tables.

Green Card comes packed with a number of excellent prizes for players to compete for. The promotion takes the form of a loyalty points race, Paddy Power Poker members automatically becoming a “Green Card player” after accumulating at least 40,000 points within the space of a single month (current Black Card holders can receive Green Card status by emailing photographic proof of their membership and maintaining a minimum points balance for the following week). Once players have grabbed their Green Card they will receive twenty percent off at the site’s store and Paddy swag that includes a branded hoodie and personalized card. Better yet, Green Card members are provided with a complementary, £50 wager, entry to weekly $1000 freerolls and a token for a $50 satellite game as well.

As if that wasn’t enough, Green Card players that maintain their status for the entire three months of the promotion will receive an iPad2. The iPad2 will also be given to players that average 120,000 (or more) Paddy Points for 90 days after gaining Green Card status. Paddy Power Poker’s Green Card promo is set to kick off on 1st August and will continue for three full months following its launch.

Paddy Power Takes Odds on Full Tilt Poker’s Future

Not being one to shy away from controversy, Paddy Power’s sports betting service has just finished hosting an unorthodox wagering opportunity for its fans to take part in. Centred on the British government’s decision on the future of Full Tilt Poker’s UK operating license, the site took bets on whether or not the well known poker platform would be able to resume business.

Paddy Power members are already provided with a wide array of betting opportunities but, refusing to sit on the sidelines of a large industry event, the company opened its books to accept wagers on the Alderney Gambling Control Commission’s licensing decision. Full Tilt Poker was ordered to halt service offerings in June, meaning that no cash poker games could be held for members of its site until the Gambling Control Commission reached a decision. Paddy set 9/2 odds on a positive outcome and 1/8 odds on Full Tilt Poker being forced to close up shop. As the numbers reflect, Paddy Power wasn’t predicting anything good for Full Tilt fans. In order to console them the company has announced that Paddy Power Poker will completely match all sportsbooking stakes, allowing that money to carry over as bonus funds for Paddy poker players.

It’s obvious that Paddy Power is looking to take advantage of a bad situation and make something better out of it for both online poker fans and its own company. Regardless of whether Full Tilt Poker re-opens or is forced to shut down, Paddy Power punters are sure to benefit from the latest set of industry problems.

Paddy Power Poker Announces Live Video Stream for Irish Open 2011

Ireland’s foremost online poker network, Paddy Power Poker, has announced that it will be giving the Irish Open 2011 extensive coverage through its website when the event kicks off at the end of April. The influential gaming platform has plans to stream almost all of the competition, complete with professional hosting and commentary.

Paddy Power Poker is one of the Irish Open’s top supporters and is going to help boost the coverage of the series by kicking off live, streaming video beginning at the Friday night premiere. Jessie May, working from a studio located in the centre of the Open’s Dublin venue, will be conducting interviews and acting as host while an entire team of reporters work to canvas the rest of the action occurring at the Burlington Hotel. Paddy Power has also detailed its inclusion of social media interactions being a part of the event, enabling both players and spectators to discuss each game as it’s actually being played out.

Along with great televised coverage, Paddy Power players will also be able to take advantage of several promotions — like daily iPad-based freerolls, reload bonuses and more — that are planned to be launched throughout the Irish Open’s schedule. This year’s Irish Open will be held at downtown Dublin’s Burlington Hotel, taking place from Friday, 22nd to Monday, 25th April.

Paddy Power Poker Offers Up Seats for Irish Open 2011

Ireland’s favourite online poker service, Paddy Power Poker, is helping its fans to join in with the nation’s biggest live poker tournament — the Irish Open 2011. Paddy Power is setting up a great set of opportunities for talented members of its site to win their way into the Open, offering 30 seats to the upcoming tournament series.

The Irish Open 2011 Mega Satellite promotion will be open for entry beginning on the evening of 3rd April, 2011 and will offer up 30 prize packages (each valued at €4,600) aimed at giving amateur talent a shot at proving themselves against the pros. Paddy Power members can buy into the Mega Satellite for €320 and try their skills against other competitors for a chance at winning one of the available prizes. Winners will receive five nights of accommodations at Dublin’s Burlington Hotel, travel expenses and buy-in to the games. Paddy Power Poker is also giving each of its Mega Satellite victors another opportunity through its €100,000 Sole Survivor promotion. Sole Survivor will award a lavish cash prize to the qualifier that’s able to outlast all of his or her fellow competitors once they’ve arrived at the Irish Open itself.

Considering that regular buy-ins to the open stand at €3,500, the Mega Satellite represents a great avenue for dedicated players to bankroll their way to the upcoming tournament series. Paddy Power Poker is one of the key backers of the Irish Open 2011, set to take place from 22nd-25th April at downtown Dublin’s The Burlington Hotel.

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Paddy Power Poker Offers More Chances to Win Irish Open Seats

With the Irish Open coming up in only a few short months Paddy Power Poker is looking to give its members a few more chances to get in on the action. Ireland’s foremost online gaming network has just announced additional satellites that offer poker players a shot at winning a seat to the Open and a chance at making a name for themselves at the venerable series.

Paddy Power Poker has opened up a new set of games that give even the smallest bankroll holders a chance at competing at the 2011 Irish Open Main Event. Entry to the online satellites starts at only €2.20 and is available through the recently launched daily events (with re-buys set at €4.40). Each of these online tournaments guarantees spots into the upcoming Cheap Seats Grand Final, an event that will take place at the end of January and provide the lucky winners with Irish Open seats valued at €3,500. Paddy Power has also scheduled further Cheap Seats events to take place every Wednesday until 6 April.

Serious players have never had a better opportunity to take a shot at breaking into the competitive world of poker than with the full range of satellite games currently on offer at Paddy Power Poker. The Irish Open is scheduled for 22-25 April and will be held at Dublin’s Burlington Hotel.

Paddy Power Adds iPhone Support for Mobile Gaming

Fans of Paddy Power will be excited about the online gambling company’s latest announcement: the addition of an iPhone App that allows users to enjoy the website while on the go. The application has already been released and contains all of the features necessary for mobile bet placement and funds withdrawals or deposits for British and Irish punters.

Paddy Power worked alongside Sweden’s Mobenga, a mobile telephone content and games developer, to create its new App. The program allows iPhone (and iPod Touch) owners to log onto their Paddy Power accounts remotely and manage numerous account features through a simple and convenient interface. Members are now able to access vital aspects of their accounts remotely, a definite plus for punters that require the ability to place or alter bets in the days and hours leading up to a staked event. As iPhone (and other smartphone) usage continues to increase, Paddy Power is seeking to make it easier than ever before for registered members to take advantage of their services anytime they desire.   
After months of development, Paddy Power is thrilled to see positive feedback coming in from site members that have taken advantage of the new system. The sportsbooking and gaming company also told press that Paddy Power users can expect further mobile programs to be announced in the future as part of an ongoing business strategy. Members of Paddy Power can download the application through Apple’s Applications Store to get started with mobile gaming today.

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Cheltenham Festival 2009 Day One

The Cheltenham Festival is here and we are looking forward to the Day One of the Cheltenham Festival.

Below are some of the races and runners along with their odds.

Cousin Vinny
Red Moloney
Kangaroo Court
Golan Way
Go Native
Micheal Flips
Copper Bleu
Leo's Lucky Star

2.05pm ARKLE TROPHY - 2m
Kalahari King
Made In Taipan
Calgary Bay
Golden Silver
Panjo Bere
Planet of Sound
Follow The Plan

Celestial Halo
Sentry Duty
Crack Away Jack
Brave Inca
Snap Tie

Cheltenham Festival Day One Preview

With the Cheltenham Festival this week we have teamed up with Paddy Power to bring you a top notch review of Day One of the Cheltenham Festival and Gold Cup.

Cheltenham Festival Day One Preview

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Cheltenham Festival and Gold Cup

In conjunction with Paddy Power we have brought you a full page of betting information from the Cheltenham Fetival and the Cheltenham Gold Cup.

Get a Free £25 Cheltenham Festival Bet from Paddy Power

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Paddy Power Cheltenham Festival TV Adverts

In time for the Cheltenham Festival and Gold Cup, Paddy Power have launched a set of TV Adverts that are to be shown on prime time TV.

The first advert is with Carlton Palmer.

The second advert is with Richard Dunwoody.

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