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Paddy Power Poker Launches New Oktoberfest Themed Promotion

Paddy Power Poker is already making big plans for this year’s Oktoberfest. In order to help celebrate the world famous beer festival the poker network has just launched a new promotion that will send three lucky competitors to Munich, Germany to celebrate the event in style.
                Paddy Power’s Pokertoberfest has already begun and will run until 9
th September. The promotion requires Paddy Power members to register for the event before they’re sorted into different competition categories based on their past performance. Players with 500 Power Points (or more) are automatically entered into the €4,500 Pokertoberfest Freeroll — an event that offers a chance at a share of €1,000 in cash and/or an Oktoberfest prize package. Paddy Power members who have participated in a grand final leaderboard and three points races will be able to compete in a freeroll that comes with €7,750 and, for the event’s winner, an Oktoberfest prize package. Players who have won two points races and a grand final leaderboard will be able to play in yet another event that comes with €6,750 and an Oktoberfest package. The three Pokertoberfest prize packages are valued at €3,500 and include a sightseeing trip through Munich (sponsored by Segway), a guided tour of the city’s best restaurants and eateries, two nights of accommodations, VIP dinners, free entry and, of course, access to one of the best Oktoberfest parties taking place at one of Munich’s nightclubs.
                A statement from Paddy Power Poker described its Pokertoberfest as a great “way to banish the summer blues” and “hit Oktoberfest this autumn with some of [Paddy’s] loyal players.”