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Sky Poker Marks Five Millionth Hand with Giveaway

Sky Poker has been eagerly anticipating reaching the landmark of five million hands dealt in recent months and now the milestone has been met. In order to help celebrate the achievement the site gave out some exceptional prizes to competitors.

The five millionth hand was dealt this month, marking an enormous milestone that saw several lucky members of the site rewarded with iPad tablets and cash. The five iPads on offer were given away to every player who was able to take part in a game of poker that fell within 100 hands before or after the 50 millionth hand was dealt. These players also had to have earned a minimum of 50 poker points during the month of March to have been entered into the prize draw. Even better for Sky Poker is the coincidence of this April marking not just the landmark statistic, but the fifth birthday of the site as well. Sky took advantage of this to offer up a promotion that provided £100 to every one of the players who competed in the five millionth hand game, boosting the amount to £500 for the winner and doubling the payout they received from the site’s “cash for points” system.

A statement released by Sky Poker detailed the festivities and their achievement of the five millionth hand, describing how the “monumental figure” marked “a seminal moment in the history of our online poker room.” The statement went on to say that “Sky Poker is grateful and [that] no celebration would be complete without the key players, especially the 500th millionth one.