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$168,947 Progressive Jackpot Won by MRSSMITHS Slotland Player

An impressive $168,947 progressive jackpot was finally hit by a lucky Slotland player yesterday after going unclaimed for far longer than usual. The prize had been steadily accumulating for more than a month with large numbers of hopeful players adding to the fund with every day’s action.

Slotland’s progressive jackpot usually runs for about six weeks, averaging a roughly $100,000 payout which makes the player who logged in as “MRSSMITHS” luckier than most. The user won the prize through the website’s Booster slot machine and managed to take the steadily growing jackpot. Slotland’s Martin Smith reported that the company was keeping a watchful eye on the money and couldn’t believe that it still continued to go unclaimed after passing the $100,000 mark. Booster is one of the more popular progressive slot machines available at the site and sees a large number of players flocking to it every day.

MRSSMITHS’s success makes them one of the top winners at Slotland’s progressive jackpots. The largest prize ever issued from the online casino was won by a Canadian man at a staggering $195,083 through the Treasure Box virtual slot machine. The second largest win was a $179, 166 cash-out won by a player at the Golden 8 slots in May of last year.