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SportingBet Pays Out Enormous Jackpot to Lucky Player

Last week a Mr. K. Vasileiadis was fortunate enough to take home an enormous £748,290 jackpot after winning at a SportingBet online Casino slot machine. The company was proud to pay out the huge prize and took the opportunity to garner some brand-based publicity in awarding it to Vasileiadis.

SportingBet’s CEO paid for Mr. Vasileiadis alongside five of his family members and close friends to accompany him to London where the money was awarded. The group was also treated to a celebratory luncheon and drinks in order to celebrate the jackpot win before the prize was handed over. SportingBet gained a great reason to publicize their company as they gear up for their ten year anniversary as part of the online gambling industry. As one of the first companies to catch onto the Internet gaming craze before it took off, it is heartening to see SportingBet hold strong by awarding one of the casino gaming business’ biggest jackpots in industry history.

Vasileiadis told press that he has no plans to substantially change his lifestyle but would rather use it as a means to ensure security in his life. He apparently has no real desire to leave his current job. However, Vasileiadis is engaged and his fiancé was thrilled to hear of the win with the two now planning to have a bigger wedding than previously anticipated.