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Bingo Day Expands Service for Italian and Spanish Speakers

Online bingo network, Bingo Day has announced the expansion of language support and the inclusion of translation services which will allow Italian and Spanish speakers to play at the site entirely in their native tongues. The successful bingo site has done well in the past with a solid array of games, deposit bonuses, member rewards and regular promotions, and now, the addition of Italian and Spanish access should stretch the popularity of the service even further.

Bingo Day spoke to press about their recent work and decision to offer their services in two new languages, detailing their recognition of the importance of community-focused aspects of bingo sites, something that has been traditionally hindered by forcing users to communicate in non-native languages. Now the site has opened up its doors to demographics they may have otherwise missed out on. All of Bingo Day’s Flash games will be fully translated alongside chat options and a staff of fluent Italian and Spanish speaking customer support staff to ensure a smooth experience.

The expansion of language support for any online gaming site has traditionally been met with a degree of success as new markets begin to open up for the business in those regions where the given languages are found. Bingo Day should prove no different as Italian and Spanish speakers begin to flock to the site now in order to fulfill their
bingo playing needs.