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Facebook and Jeff Ma Ready Launch of Fantasy Football League

Jeff Ma and business partner, Mike Kerns have announced a new fantasy football league program to be added into the enormously popular social network, Facebook as part of a strategy to spread the pastime to younger audiences. After settling down from earlier years as an MIT card-counter, Ma went on to join with Kerns as business partners and the two have gained huge support toward their newest concept, sure to attract a lot of attention.

Citizen Sports, Kerns and Ma’s company has formed a partnership with Sports Illustrated to implement the new system and plan to have it up-and-running in time for the fall and the start of the American Football (NFL) season. Ma and Kerns are hoping to bring the fantasy football leagues which pre-occupied much of their younger years to new audiences in an exciting fashion and their proposed plan was interesting enough to snag the magazine sponsorship of Sports Illustrated. The program’s destination as a Facebook feature seemed natural to all involved as fantasy leagues are typically the domain of friends who want to heighten the fun of the typical sports season. Part of the social networking approach was also to gain popularity by targeting a massive pre-existing user-base so that the game came to them instead of vice-versa.

The recent feature film,
“21” and the accompanying, source novel, “Bringing down the House” are based on MIT graduate, Jeff Ma’s real life as a card-counter. Since then he has move on to safer ventures, enjoying considerable success and international recognition with his business partner, Kerns. Citizen Sports and Sports Illustrated’s joint venture should attract a lot of attention when it launches in about a month from now.