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GUKPT Heads-Up Tournament Entrants Confirmed

The upcoming 2009 Grosvenor UK Poker Tour is already creating a lot of buzz and the world of professional poker has been quick to respond to the event by selling out the £2500 GUKPT Heads-Up Tournament. Now the full list of entrants has been confirmed and is sparking arm-chair speculation and mounting excitement leading up to the games.

Heads-Up Tournament has proven to be one of the most popular events at the annual GUKPT and this year should prove no different. Poker professionals have flocked to the £2500 tournament, creating a veritable who’s-who of noted UK players. Among the list are immediately recognizable names such as Barny Boatman, Neil Channing, Surinder Sunar, Jeff Duvall and John Kabbaj. Boatman and Channing have both been identified as favourites for the win but the other fourteen competitors are all respected players in their own right and should help to make the tournament an exciting one for all involved.

The first round draw takes place on Thursday, March 19th at 2.45pm and kicks off the initial big event of the 2009 Grosvenor UK Poker Tour. Play commences at 3pm and will be decided as the hands and hours go by into the evening. The £2500 Heads-Up Tournament should be a great start to the venerable series and provide a lot of thrills before the rest of the 2009 GUKPT starts to play out.

Gala Coral British Poker Tour Cancelled

After persistent rumours regarding the fate of the 2009 Gala Coral British Poker Tour, company officials have notarized fans and professionals of the tournament series’ cancellation. The two year history of the GCBPT will now grind to a halt as the series has been taken off the roster for future poker events.

GCBPT Tour Manager,
Mark O’Donnell released a statement which sheds light on the decision to cancel the previously sold-out series. O’Donnell described the company’s plans to refocus their business toward different events and promotions, mainly for the online aspect of Gala’s offerings, rather than toward brick-and-mortar series. Although it is not explicitly stated in the release, many industry observers speculate that Gala Coral may be moving away from the typically expensive, tournament series of the past during difficult economic times. Gala has also made comment toward their business practice shift, describing how they now hope to provide exciting events for players of all skill and bankroll level, rather than aiming toward professionals only.

The popular series’ absence will leave a considerable gap in the usual set of poker offerings available for British gamblers during the year and is hoped to be filled by a different corporate sponsor. Interested parties are likely to arise, especially considering the lack of negative affect seen in high-stakes games, a fact supported by the
GUKPT’s success during these difficult financial times.

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Paul ‘Pab’ Foltyn Wins the 2008 GUKPT

Twenty-four year old competitor, Paul ‘Pab’ Foltyn has been making waves in the poker world since his recent win at the 2008 Grosvenor UK Poker Tour. The Doncaster resident managed to emerge triumphant at what is perhaps Great Britain’s most illustrious poker event this year, promising to become a major name in the gaming world in the New Year’s coming tables.

Foltyn paid the event’s
£3,000 buy-in and steadily whiled away at his competition until emerging as the victor at the Grand Final. The name recognition and respect garnered by the win is also accompanied by a hefty, £167,050 award which should ensure Foltyn’s ability to compete in upcoming events and strive to keep his newfound reputation afloat. Serious competition from both big-name and fairly obscure opponents saw Foltyn playing a somewhat cautious game peppered with strokes of good fortune in order to make it to a showdown with Jeff Duval where he beat out the final player.

Before taking the title of
2008 GUKPT Grand Final Champion Foltyn’s largest win to date was a sixth-place finish at the World Series of Poker a few years back. Compared to the payout of that six-max event the recognition (and £160k!) from this year’s Grosvenor UK Poker Tour should help to cement his place in poker history while providing a great launching point to a career in the game.