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Season Five of High Stakes Poker to Begin Filming in December

The producers of the well known television program, “High Stakes Poker” have announced that filming of the show’s fifth season is set to begin this month. Fans of the television hit have already started churning the rumour mill of what exactly can be expected from the episodes with only a few exact details having surfaced as of now.

There is no concrete list of which
poker professionals will be making an appearance for this season’s action but speculations have been made concerning the inclusion of such high-profile names as Doyle Brunson, Daniel Negreanu and Patrik Antonius. Also likely for a guest spot on the show is the rising internet star, Thomas Dwan who has been making waves with his performance at virtual cash tables. The minimum buy-in for play on the show has also been confirmed as having been increased to $200,000 (double from last year’s stake) but news still has yet to arrive as to whether the special $500,000 buy-in episodes from last season will return.

The new season is also expected to feature the addition of high stakes
Omaha games to the events, a move which would undoubtedly raise the level of excitement for regular viewers in need of some fresh gaming content. “High Stakes Poker: Season Five” will shoot between December 19th and the 21st with an exact air time still unspecified as of the time of writing.