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Ladbrokes Poker Reveals Monthly Promo Line-Up

Ladbrokes Poker has prepared a full month of exciting promotional offers for fans of its site. From freerolls to qualifiers, Ladbrokes is making the coming weeks well worth the attention of eager online poker players.

The bulk of Ladbrokes' big November promotional schedule is made up of the poker site's Points Grab freeroll series. Points Grab comes with a £10,000 guarantee and is set to take place each Sunday evening. Every Ladbrokes member with at least 50 poker points in their account are eligible for freeroll qualification and can enter into these proving rounds until the second last week of November. Aside from Points Grab, the site is also offering eight races awarding a total of €20,000 in cash prizes and the Poker Casino Bankroll Surge promo. The $20,000 Bankroll Surge final will be pre-empted with a series of qualifiers throughout November and December. Players who have spent/won a minimum of $200 in a given week will be eligible for entry to the qualifying rounds while those who have used the same amount of money over a two week period will have two special opportunities to compete in qualifiers as well. Ladbrokes Poker members who spend/win at least $10,000 throughout all of November will also be invited to compete in a bonus "high roller tournament" set to take place on Saturday, 1st December.

Online poker players have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks and should head over to Ladbrokes Poker now to get started in taking advantage of the site's promotional offers.

Ladbrokes Poker Adds Privacy Options for Anonymous Gaming

Internet privacy is an important issue that continues to gain interest as more and more web-users become aware of the dangers associated with sharing their information online. Ladbrokes Poker seeks to increase security and encourage innovative play-styles across its gaming network by giving site members new ways to protect themselves at the tables.

Ladbrokes Poker has announced a new software upgrade that will allow players to compete in matches anonymously, hiding their avatars and aliases if they choose to. The technology behind the upgrade is still patent-pending but, once launched, will become the online poker community’s first anonymity option. As part of the system’s implementation, Ladbrokes will be adding a selection of “anonymous tables” wherein all players will be able to compete without seeing any of their opponent’s notes, tags or other personal information. Playing as an anonymous member will give competitors the ability to try out new tactics and strategies without tarnishing their reputations or providing their opponents with information about their style. Even aside from its security benefits, Ladbrokes Poker’s update should help to keep play dramatic and unpredictable for serious and novice members alike.

The innovative software is a great step forward that should help to keep security-cautious online poker players feeling safe as they enjoy the game. Beyond its benefits to site members, Ladbrokes Poker new feature is also a precedent-setting tool that could become a regular component of all major online poker platforms if it is well received.