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UltimateBet Comes Under Fire with New Poker Controversy

UltimateBet has been forced to deal with yet another online poker controversy after a questionable hand was awarded to losing player, Phil Hellmuth. The internet gaming giant is now attempting to rectify the issue without garnering any further negative attention from the press.

Popular poker forum, 2+2, has been dealing with the controversy for some time now and subsequently forcing an examination into the matter. The scandal surrounds a showdown between
Hellmuth and an UltimateBet member with the handle, Doubleballer. At the end of a tense game between the two competitors, Hellmuth mucked his hand, ending the game but still receiving the $5,599 pot.

Hand #1162170993 has become infamous in highlighting a glitch in the UltimateBet software, sparking complaint and concern from regular players at the site who are now afraid to enter into large games where their winnings may go unaccounted for. Management at UltimateBet have blamed a recent software upgrade to the Cereus operating system which could be responsible for the problem (and be a reason for worry at Absolute Poker, Cereus’ other main client).

It’s a bad time indeed for UltimateBet to be rocked by another scandal considering the controversy the site was forced to field in previous exposés by MSNBC and the topical American news program, “60 Minutes”. Corporate spokespeople have assured the public that Doubleballer will be funded his rightful winnings and that the technical glitch will be addressed as soon as possible.

Phil Hellmuth’s Ego Blows Out of Control with Look-a-Like Contest

The well known “Poker Brat”, Phil Hellmuth has just taken his legendary ego to new heights with the announcement of a look-a-like contest. To mark the occasion of his attempt at a twelfth World Series of Poker bracelet the player is launching perhaps his grandest publicity stunt by rounding up twelve models and an impersonator to accompany him during upcoming games.

Hellmuth certainly deserves the level of recognition he receives having established himself as a major force in online and physical casinos across the world. Currently holding eleven gold bracelets and the record for most WSOP cashes (at sixty-nine overall) the Poker Brat is now setting his sights on grabbing up a twelfth championship to further cement himself as a presence in the poker world. The winner of Hellmuth’s outrageous contest will receive £2,000 and the chance to hang out with the man himself as he brags and plays throughout upcoming games.

Those who think they bear a striking resemblance to the Poker Brat should check out the contest and see if they’re interested in entering. For the rest of us, look forward to what is sure to be on many highlight reels when Phil Hellmuth makes his grand debut with twelve models and a personal look-a-like at his side.