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CircusCasino Create Rendering of the ‘Perfect Poker Face

The poker face is a well-known concept and one that has been attributed to player success for as long as the game has been played. Now, CircusCasino have released a rendering of what could possibly demonstrate the perfect face to bring to the game.

Perfect Poker Face
By using ten samples (drawn from a number of the highest ranking poker professionals to date), CircusCasino have been able to conceive of a potentially fortune-creating face and expression. The ‘perfect poker face’ hosts some distinctive elements such as a jutting chin, outward-facing ears, widely set eyes and a ‘Roman’ nose while the expression remains flat and, of course, impossible to read. Peter Nolan, MD, part of CircusCasino’s staff noted that many of these same traits are found in successful actors and businesspeople that combine seriousness and theatricality in much the same manner as poker professionals.

Author and expert on the relation between faces and psychology,
Naomi Tickle validated the idea of a calculated poker face and backed up the notion that there are common physical traits in the faces of the ten examined professionals used for the study. Tickle’s “You Can Read a Face like a Book” substantiated many of the same points and only furthers the evidence that some individuals may be born for the game. Even if you don’t have the scientifically proven, ‘Perfect Poker Face’ however don’t fret; when you play online no-one can see it anyway.