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Turkish Gambling Websites Close Down in Droves

The future of online gambling continues to look grim for Turkey as approximately five hundred gaming sites closed today. An increasing internet censorship effort within the nation seeks to close out the possibility of any further betting avenues for its populace.

Turkey, a nation still attempting to join with the European Union, is well known for their harsh legislature regarding online access. The President (and founder) of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatűrk has publicly demonstrated internet censorship which recently went so far as to ban the immensely popular video sharing network, YouTube over a few videos which criticized his leadership.

The government is also actively working to shut down the Superbahis network, a move that generated the most attention when Superbahis' owners, Sportingbet saw two of its employees detained by Turkish police during a vacation stop in the country. It continues to be extremely difficult for any gambling companies to set up internet options within the nation which has so far banned more than eight hundred international websites from being accessed.

It seems fairly hopeless for any Turkish gamblers looking for access to their favourite games online. Although there are still a small number of websites which service Turkey, none of them actually operate within the country for fear of government prosecution.