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Wink Bingo Offers Free Housecleaning for a Year through Contest

The latest reward in an ongoing series of promotions at
Wink Bingo has seen the successful company offer free housecleaning services to lucky winners at their site. It’s an unusual but attractive incentive for regular visitors and may ultimately drum up some extra traffic for the company.

Wink Bingo’s Super Cleaner reward started on Monday, the 11th August and runs until Thursday, August 28th at midnight. The promotion will see two lucky winners receiving four hours of housecleaning services per week for the duration of an entire year. Wink will enter the five most eligible contestants into a draw at the end of the contest period wherein the pair of winners will be randomly selected. The Super Cleaner prize is based on collections of points acquired by playing frequently at Wink, with the top five being drawn from those with the largest amounts. Players can rack up fifty points by emailing Wink and describing what they would do with their free time, sending a picture of themselves multi-tasking at home (by playing on Wink and cleaning) or by just logging on to bingo games regularly.

Aside from standard bingo play,
Wink is offering eligible points to users who join up with instant games or spot special promotional items (such as water, brooms or washing machines). The company has created an obviously targeted reward for their demographic of stay-at-home family members but anyone interested in the prize should be sure to start collecting points now.