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Ladbrokes Bingo Start Off another Cash Climber Jackpot

Ladbrokes Bingo Start Off another Cash Climber Jackpot

The ever popular
Cash Climber jackpot has made a return to Ladbrokes Bingo to the delight of members of the bingo site. Users will now be able to compete in specially designated bingo games for the chance to win a fantastic prize, guaranteed to reward at least £50,000 in cash.

Ladbrokes Bingo has launched the progressive jackpot with the initial £50K and plans to contribute regular amounts in the time leading up to its award. Members of the site can try for the jackpot through special games, hoping to win a full house in a certain number of calls. Ladbrokes Bingo will regularly increase the jackpot with an additional £1,000 while bumping the number of calls at the same time.

For example, users competing for the initial £50K will have to complete a full house within 33 calls while the next turn will see £5,100 awarded to the first user to achieve a full house within 34 calls. This increase to the jackpot and calls will continue occurring until a lucky winner takes the prize home.

The Cash Climber started on Monday, March 23
rd with a large sum contributed by the site right off the bat. Now the competition will begin to heat up as site members flock to the Cash Climber games in attempts to win the massive jackpot as it continues to grow in size.  

Ladbrokes Feels the February Love

Ladbrokes Bingo has emerged as the latest bingo site to unveil a Valentine’s Day themed take on monthly promotions. February at Ladbrokes Bingo promises to host a load of fantastic gaming and prize options for enthusiastic players and should ensure that regular fans feel a bit of love from their site of choice.

The first, and decidedly most impressive, promotion offered for February Ladbrokes Bingo players is the launch of daily free games throughout the entire month of February. These games will be offered at random intervals between 7pm and 10pm and allow any member to snatch up some no-cost tickets to take into the game. The last day of the promotion (the 28th) will run the free games for the last eligible hour (9-10pm). Ladbrokes has also set up a special, £2,500 bingo game on Valentine’s Day itself, available through a private room. Users can vie for entry to this event by playing at least £35 in any of Ladbrokes’ 90-Ball rooms before February 10th. The £2,500 game itself requires no additional payment to enter.

While almost all of the biggest bingo sites are planning some Valentine’s themed event or another, Ladbrokes Bingo may be hosting the most impressive options thus far. Regular bingo players orLadbrokes Bingo members should log on today to take a look at the variety of February promotions open for play.

Ladbrokes Bingo

Vic Reeves Ends Sponsorship of 888 Ladies

After a long history of acting as the celebrity face of 888 Ladies Bingo, Vic Reeves, has left the service. The popular bingo network is now without a famous representative and is in need of a replacement endorsement figure after the end of Reeves’ twelve-month 888 Ladies Bingo contract.

Fans of the site will be disappointed to see that Reeves has moved on from his previous place as the real-life mascot of 888 Ladies Bingo but many industry observers aren’t surprised. Most celebrity representatives have a short career with bingo companies, acting as mascots for only the brief period of time their contract affords. The site is still home to several other notable celebrities however and Reeves’ spot could very well be filled by ex-Eastenders star, Joe Swash who still maintains a significant presence at the network. While Vic Reeves provided a recognizable and humorous role as 888 Ladies Bingo advertising lynchpin, Swash has also acted as an important star for promotional events such as the recent Joe Swash Valentine’s Day competition that saw the celebrity share lunch with a lucky winner.

Reeves is not the only celebrity to vanish from their duties as the face of a bingo company. Foxy Bingo recently lost Jordan (Katie Price) around the same time that Sharon Osbourne left Gala behind. Alison Hammond at Crown Bingo now stands alone as one of the few celebrities still active at a promotional level for any of the major UK bingo services.

Big Bingo Promos at 888 Ladies Bingo

It’s a good time to be a member at 888 Ladies Bingo as the site continues to ramp up their promotions while maintaining their pre-existing, excellent incentives. To celebrate the continued commitment that 888 Ladies Bingo has shown its fans, here is a list of some of the more interesting (and profitable) events to look out for in the coming weeks and months.

Many of the site’s most popular recurring events are still in place for fans to check out even as 888 Ladies Bingo adds on other, extensive bonuses. Perhaps the biggest of these is the end-of-month, guaranteed £8,888 bingo jackpot (taking place this month on Friday, February 27th). Players can sign onto the network and play a quick game for the opportunity to win the massive payout or take part in the half-hour chat before the game play itself beings, talking to others as they prepare for the big event. 888 Ladies Bingo also provides nightly £100 games (with minimum 10p stakes) alongside Wednesday evening £1,000 guarantees for a buy-in of only 50p per entry ticket.

There are a plethora of other exciting games to watch out for at 888 Ladies Bingo with new ones being added to the service almost every day. It’s well worth the time necessary for UK bingo enthusiasts to check out 888 Ladies Bingo’s upcoming promotions for their own interest.

Betfred Bingo Hosts Mother’s Day Promotion

Betfred Bingo is giving its users the chance to make this year’s Mother’s Day a truly memorable one with their upcoming promotion. The Mum of the Year 2009 Competition is almost about to launch from the site, providing bingo players with a community-centred chance at a great cash prize.

Players who have been active at the site before February 15th (and wagered at least £25) will be eligible for the 2009 Mother’s Day prize. Five qualifying Betfred Bingo members will be contacted via email regarding their entry into the special contest set to take be determined at the end of the month. Other users will then be able to view the contestants and vote on who they think most deserves the prize by participating in a process carried out in the community section of the site.

Betfred Bingo players will assess and vote on their favourite finalist through a chat room poll during the “free for all” bingo game hour on Friday, February 27th from 8 to 9pm. The member with the most votes will receive a £250 reward which will be deposited into their account upon the contest’s finish. Although Betfred Bingo’s Mum of the Year Competition takes place relatively far in advance of Mother’s Day actual March 22nd date this year, the contest should still help to spark a little excitement for bingo-playing families.

Wink Celebrates One Year Birthday with Special Promotion

The month of February marks the one year anniversary of Wink Bingo’s conception and rapid rise to the position of one of the world’s leading internet bingo halls. To celebrate their accomplishment over the last twelve months the company is sharing some of their success with their fans, offering up an incredibly low-entry game with a substantial and generous jackpot at stake.

Wink Bingo members will be able to take part in different promotional events being launched by the site during their full-month celebration. Aside from the previously reported, fantastic
Tiffany & Co. shopping spree, Wink, is also hosting a guaranteed £2,000 game with an unbelievably tiny, 1p entry fee. The game will be set up as a 90-Ball event with a maximum, 24p stake allowance. Winning one line awards players with £250 while two lines pay £750 and a full house carries a £1,000 prize. Although none are likely to hold as impressive a reward as the game above, Wink Bingo is also planning to line up several more one penny buy-ins at different times throughout the coming weeks.

The small stakes gaming options and large rewards make Wink Bingo a fantastic choice for online bingo fans planning to put in some playing time throughout February. Wink’s £2,000 guaranteed game will take place on February 28th at 9:30pm.

William Hill Succeeds in Enormous Fundraising Event

October of 2008 saw William Hill Bingo offering up a charity event that sought to raise money for breast cancer treatment. Now the New Year has lead to the company’s announcement of the total proceeds garnered by their fundraising promotion and the overwhelming success of their efforts.

William Hill Bingo has released information from their Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, detailing the £41,000 that donations from their three-month event yielded. The company gathered charitable proceeds through a Pink Ribbon Game series with simple donation guidelines. Any William Hill Bingo player that entered into one of the appropriately designated games was automatically assisting the company in their donations. William Hill provided ten percent of their Pink Ribbon Game proceeds to the charity along with a special £10 match for eligible new users. The final sum was officially donated to the Breast Cancer Care charity in January.

Market research has provided demographic details that show bingo as a game enjoyed by a largely female audience and William Hill Bingo was clever to take advantage of their user-base in order to support a deserving charity from an ideal platform. No word has been given yet as to whether William Hill Bingo players can expect to see a return of the charity late this year but the £41,000 donation made this month makes it seem quite likely.

Wink Bingo Offers Up Tiffany & Co. Promotion

Wink Bingo devotees are in line for a great, high-end reward series in the next weeks as the noted Tiffany & Co. offer up a set of fabulous prizes. The famous diamond and jewellery shops have jumped onboard with Wink through a promotion that is set to culminate with the mid-month, Dinner with Tiffany, game.

Wink Bingo players will be able to vie for the
Tiffany & Co. sponsored prize throughout February— the month traditionally devoted toward love. The main event will take place on Sunday February 15th at 8pm and will see one lucky winner leave the game with a £3,000 voucher to the world renowned jewellery company. Tickets to the contest can be pre-purchased for £5 or gained through frequent play at the Wink Bingo tables.

Players can gain entry to the final event through playing at Wink Bingo regularly and accumulating points. 500 wintastic points will earn competitors one free entry into the game, a reward system that is sure to encourage frequent play. Special offers (such as sending Wink a poem about why you deserve to win or sending a photo in your most dazzling outfit) will also earn points. Points can be banked toward the Dinner with Tiffany game from now until Saturday February 14th at midnight.

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Ladbrokes Bingo Wants to Pay Your Bills This January

The immensely popular Ladbrokes Games has been making waves with their bingo site’s current headlining promotional events. First out of the gate for the network’s 2009 prize offerings is the Pay Your Bills 2009 reward centred on those players who are dreading their January bills after the credit build-up affecting many after the end of last month’s holiday shopping craze.

Ladbrokes Bingo players are currently able to vie for a prize which will see the site paying the tab on their bills for every month of the year if won. Every twenty tickets purchased at Ladbrokes in the month of January (or every £2 spent on the site’s mini-games) will count as a single entry for the upcoming draw. The company is also beefing up the service for even casual online gamers by allowing every £5 spent across the entire Ladbrokes network (including the popular
poker, casino and sports betting sites) to be used toward buying a chance to win the Pay Your Bills 2009 prize.

It’s a great opportunity for all sorts of players to try for a shot at what could be the least stressful year of their lives. The bingo service will be offering the
Pay Your Bills 2009 contest from now until the month’s end (Saturday, January 31st) with the final draw taking place shortly after the event’s closing.

Wink Bingo Offers Free Housecleaning for a Year through Contest

The latest reward in an ongoing series of promotions at
Wink Bingo has seen the successful company offer free housecleaning services to lucky winners at their site. It’s an unusual but attractive incentive for regular visitors and may ultimately drum up some extra traffic for the company.

Wink Bingo’s Super Cleaner reward started on Monday, the 11th August and runs until Thursday, August 28th at midnight. The promotion will see two lucky winners receiving four hours of housecleaning services per week for the duration of an entire year. Wink will enter the five most eligible contestants into a draw at the end of the contest period wherein the pair of winners will be randomly selected. The Super Cleaner prize is based on collections of points acquired by playing frequently at Wink, with the top five being drawn from those with the largest amounts. Players can rack up fifty points by emailing Wink and describing what they would do with their free time, sending a picture of themselves multi-tasking at home (by playing on Wink and cleaning) or by just logging on to bingo games regularly.

Aside from standard bingo play,
Wink is offering eligible points to users who join up with instant games or spot special promotional items (such as water, brooms or washing machines). The company has created an obviously targeted reward for their demographic of stay-at-home family members but anyone interested in the prize should be sure to start collecting points now.