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Las Vegas Casino Billionaire backs the UK Conservative Party

The politicians are at it again, this time with a Casino Billionaire!

A FINNISH billionaire who inherited a small fortune from the arms trade and has extensive gambling interests in Las Vegas, USA, has emerged as one of the leader of the Conservative Party, David Cameron’s major financial backers.

Poju Zabludowicz, who lives in London, UK, has donated £70,000 to the Conservative party over the past three years. He is also one of the financial supporters of the Conservative Friends of Israel, which has also given to the party.

Zabludowicz, aged 55, heads the Tamares Group, which has its headquarters in Liechtenstein and has an international property portfolio, which includes a number of hotels and casinos in Las Vegas. Zabludowicz is calculated by The Sunday Times Rich List to be worth more than £2 billion.

Quite an interesting match really. I wonder if the Conservative party came into power the Gambling laws would be relaxed and maybe we would see some of the promised Super Casino's in the UK!