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Ladbrokes Bingo Wants to Pay Your Bills This January

The immensely popular Ladbrokes Games has been making waves with their bingo site’s current headlining promotional events. First out of the gate for the network’s 2009 prize offerings is the Pay Your Bills 2009 reward centred on those players who are dreading their January bills after the credit build-up affecting many after the end of last month’s holiday shopping craze.

Ladbrokes Bingo players are currently able to vie for a prize which will see the site paying the tab on their bills for every month of the year if won. Every twenty tickets purchased at Ladbrokes in the month of January (or every £2 spent on the site’s mini-games) will count as a single entry for the upcoming draw. The company is also beefing up the service for even casual online gamers by allowing every £5 spent across the entire Ladbrokes network (including the popular
poker, casino and sports betting sites) to be used toward buying a chance to win the Pay Your Bills 2009 prize.

It’s a great opportunity for all sorts of players to try for a shot at what could be the least stressful year of their lives. The bingo service will be offering the
Pay Your Bills 2009 contest from now until the month’s end (Saturday, January 31st) with the final draw taking place shortly after the event’s closing.