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Meeting between US and EU on Online Gambling Regulations Postponed

The much anticipated meeting between American and European officials has been postponed by US delegates just a week before its scheduled date. As the future of the global gambling trade still stands to be determined many observers and businesses are understandably disappointed by further delays in proceedings.

The European Union requested time with American officials so their Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, (UIGEA) passed last October could be discussed in full. The EU currently views the UIGEA as a violation of treaties established by the World Trade Organization (WTO) and seeks a reconstitution of the laws. With the enforcement of the UIGEA many premier European online gambling corporations have seen an immense revenue and market worth loss which makes the Act in high demand for address. The decision of the case will hinge on whether or not EU officials can convince the US that their legal actions circumvent treaties preventing this type of control within the World Trade Organization’s guidelines.

If a change in the UIGEA goes forth it could mean a drastic alteration of international online gambling which will inevitably impact fan’s experience in a big way. Caribbean nation, Antigua and Barbuda was awarded an annual $21 million sum and legal privileges in their dispute with the UIGEA last December but the European decision will most likely become a much larger affair with further reaching impact. A rescheduled meeting has not yet been determined.