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Online Slot Machines are the Newest Gambling Craze in UK

A recent report shows that the devoted fans of online bingo may be moving on to slots as their new favourite Internet pastime. Within the last six months alone an increase of players has blown up to ten times that of the past showing that the online market is in no danger of drying up.

Online casino, demonstrated the rapid increase of this trend through the traffic reports of their immensely popular ‘Clover Rollover’ jackpot slots. The craze has been able to feed into itself with more players flocking to slots and thereby increasing progressive payouts which inevitably ensure a desirable draw. As smoking bans keep certain players out of land-based casinos the growth of the industry as a whole can be expected to keep pace with its ongoing success story. Virtual bingo and poker rooms have been picking up steam for a while now making it seem as if Internet casinos and the always popular slot machines were only waiting for their audience to find them.

Vernons continued research with the findings that their demographic consists of mainly female gamblers (at 62% of the total players) and middle-aged Brits (between thirty-five and fifty). With this trend, jackpots will be sure to continuously skyrocket and attract even more players to online slots.

The History of Slots

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Slot Machines are the mainstay of most
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How to Play Slots

It is estimated that the next Internet gambling craze, after Poker will be Slot Machines, or Slots.

If you go to any
Casino anywhere in the world you will always find the Slot Machine. These are true gambling machines. You place your bet, spin the reels, and await the hopefully positive outcome.

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